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Natural chef recap

Natural Chef and Life Recap

So before I go into sharing with you all some of the cool things I’ve been learning at school, (by the way, if you eat

My first week at natural chef school

My First Week at Natural Chef School

Hi guys!  I’m going to TRY (try is the operative word here, as it’s already week 2 and I’m barely getting this post together) and get

How to store basil and tomatoes

How to Store Basil and Tomatoes

This post came to me out of the blue as I was making up the tomato marinade for one of our favorite summer pastas, Ina

Marin Mama's favorite things

Marin Mama’s Favorite Things

It’s Black Friday everyone and rather than post a recipe I decided to be like Oprah and post some of my favorite things!  I wish

Marin Mama's how to keep strawberries fresh

How to Keep Strawberries Fresh

It’s strawberry season folks! Yippee! So today I thought I would share with you a quick tip that I learned from my friend Carolyn from

Spaghetti squash with sauce in bowl

How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Today’s post is sort of a recipe, but really more of a “how to” post. I’m going to show you all how to cook spaghetti

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