Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Easy overnight steel cut oats.

I’m one of those people that wakes up hungry and can’t sit around and wait a 1/2 hour for breakfast to cook, so I want something that’s super easy to whip up, or can be made ahead. Steel cut oats were reserved for those fancy hotel vacations or breakfast out with the family, as I was under the assumption that steel cut oats were a labor intensive and timely breakfast to whip up. I changed that way of thinking though when I cooked up my hot quinoa and oat cereal for the first time. I learned the trick to a quick breakfast of steel cut oats, and that was to bring them to a quick boil and then let them sit out overnight.

Below are two cool facts about oats (this includes rolled oats):

  • Oats are naturally naturally gluten-free. They don’t contain gluten in their natural form. They’re typically processed in facilities that also process wheat and other gluten grains, so there’s where the gluten comes into play.  The reason why gluten-free oats cost more is because they have to be processed at a certified facility that only processes them alone. Basically the only difference between regular oats and gluten-free oats is the facility where they’re processed. So, If you’re allergic to gluten, look for certified gluten-free oats.
  • Oats help restore and calm the nervous system, have beneficial effects on blood sugar, lower cholesterol and regulate weight.

By the way, I just recently tried toasting the steel cut oats beforehand, and it’s amazing. You can see my recipe for toasted overnight steel cut oats here.

So I’m posting this recipe for those of you that want a quick and nutritious breakfast, but were intimidated by the whole steel cut oat cooking process. This is seriously one of the easiest ways to cook up steel cut oats and I bet this will change your morning breakfast routine. So grab your tablet or laptop and join me in the kitchen as we cook up some steel cut oats.

Easy overnight steel cut oats

Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats

serves 4

  • 4 cups (32 ounces) filtered water – I recommend using filtered water as tap water can have too much alkaine in it thus causing a greenish slime to occur on the oats.  The oats are totally safe to eat, but it’s not very appealing.
  • 1 cup steel cut oats – I use Bob’s Red Mill gluten free steel cut oats 
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • Optional but tasty – 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


All you need to make these oats are these three simple ingredients!

Note:  Oats have a slightly higher fat content than other grains, and can therefore go rancid more quickly, so buy smaller quantities at a time, especially when buying them in bulk.  Check the oats aroma to make sure that they are fresh. Fresh oats will have clean, sweet or grassy small, whereas spoiled oats have a sharper, unpleasant odor.  

overnight steel cut oats ingredients
Get out a medium saucepan, soup pan or Dutch oven and pour in the 4 cups water. Turn the heat to high and bring the water to a rapid boil.

ingredients for easy steel cut oats
When the water comes to a full boil, pour in the steel cut oats and salt.

Give a quick stir and let the oats cook for 1 minute. I always set my timer here.

If your oats start bubbling and rising up, then just give them a quick stir and that should take care of it, but if they still keep rising up, then turn down the heat a bit. 

overnight oats in a pot
After one minute, turn off the heat, give the oats a quick stir, cover and then let them sit out overnight. Yep, that’s all there is to it. Easy peasy. Goodnight!

green dutch oven on stove
Good morning! When you wake up and patter (or stumble) into the kitchen, open the lid and this is what you will see.

FYI:  Sometimes tap water can cause a greenish slime to appear on top of the oats.  It’s not mold and the oats are still safe to eat, you just need to scrape off the slime. Oats can turn brown-green or even blue-green in color when they are cooked in alkaline conditions.  Alkaline conditions are achieved when the water used to cook the oats has a pH balance of 9 to 12, so use filtered water when making oats, if you can.  If it’s not the water, it may be your pan.  Sometimes a new pan can leach metal ions into your food and that could cause the same reaction.

overnight oats on stove
Turn the heat to medium and stir occasionally until the oats are heated through. There will be a bit of water in the mixture still, but the oats will thicken up as they sit. I really like this consistency because they’re not to thick, goopy or dry.

overnight oats on stove with spoon
Ladle the oats into a bowl and top with your favorite fixings. Below are the different ways I have been enjoying my oats.

Steel cut oats with strawberries, raspberries, peanut butter, 1 teaspoon virgin coconut oil and unsweetened shredded coconut. The coconut oil and coconut gave my oats a pop of coconutty flavor! Coconut oil is a great healthy fat to incorporate into your diet!  Try adding 1 tablespoon to your morning cup of coffee or tea as well.  Coconut oil boosts your metabolism, helps the thyroid function at a higher level, (so it’s great for women with thyroid issues) helps maintain healthy skin and hair, and promotes brain health!  All good stuff!

Overnight steel cut oats with coconut oil and raspberriesLike PB&J sandwiches?  Then you will LOVE this combination. Steel cut oats topped with peanut butter, blackberry jam mixed with chia seed, (great way to disguise the texture of chia) and a touch of coconut oil.  Mix it all together and you will have the best warm PB&J!

Overnight steel cut oats with peanut butter and jelly Marin mama
You can still have blueberries or really any kind of berry in the winter!  All you need to do is add some frozen berries to your oats while re-heating them, or top them on your bowl of hot oats. In the winter I love topping my oats with raw pumpkin seeds, (great source of calcium) frozen blueberries, nut butter, and hidden at the bottom is 2 tablespoons of chia seed!

overnight steel cut oats with frozen blueberries and nut butter
Store the leftovers in a sealed container in the fridge.  Leftover oats will last 2-3 days.

Got leftovers?  To re-heat the leftovers, just put the oats in a sauce pan along with a bit of almond, hemp or coconut milk, over medium-low heat. The oats will thicken as they sit in the fridge, so you’ll definitely want to add a bit of water or milk to thin them up as they’re cooking. I always add a bit of almond milk to my leftover oats.

Try topping your oats with my blackberry chia compote. It’s the perfect topping to use when fresh berries are out of season. 

Blackberry chia compote with no added sugar.

If you like hot cereals then you have to try these below cereals.  They’re all super quick and easy to whip up.

Try my overnight buckwheat porridge. 

Overnight buckwheat porridge.

Try my overnight hot quinoa and steel cut oats.  It’s a 3 ingredient blend of quinoa, oats and a touch of sea salt and can be made the night before in under 6 minutes!  Simple and nutritious!

Easy overnight hot quinoa and steel cut oats in a bowl next to coffee
Toasted overnight steel cut oats.  Toasting the oats in butter or coconut oil adds a new depth of flavor and richness, as well as a chewier and nuttier taste and texture. Double YUM!

Toasted overnight steel cut oats
Hot quinoa and oat cereal with goji berries.  This is another overnight cereal that’s packed with the heartiness of steel cut oats and the protein of quinoa.

Hot quinoa and oat cereal with goji berries
5 minute hot quinoa cereal.  Yes, this literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish!  So easy and so tasty!

5 minute hot quinoa cereal in a bowl with strawberries

Pressed for time and  have some leftover quinoa? Then try my 5 minute warm quinoa cereal. It takes just 5 minutes to heat up and  is perfect for those busy and  cool mornings. 

5 minute warm quinoa cereal in a bowl.This GF overnight oats with hemp and chia is a great vegan, dairy-free breakfast that is chock-full of protein, fiber and heathy fats, basically a power packed, fuel filled breakfast that literally takes 3 minutes to make.

GF overnight oats with hemp and chia.

Want a grab-and-go overnight breakfast?  Then you have to try my overnight refrigerator steel cut oats with chia and strawberries. It takes just 5 minutes to make and is ready to grab-and-go in the mornign. Perfect for taking to work on on the go. This version tastes like strawberry shortcake!  So good!

overnight refrigerator steel cut oats with chia and strawberries
I’ve also made these refrigerator oats using coconut yoghurt from Noosa!  AMAZING!  I posted the recipe on the same post as my overnight refrigerator steel cut oats with chia and strawberries.

overnight refrigerator oats with Noosa yogurt
Another one of my favorite g0-to breakfasts are these almond flour pancakes.  They’re packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you going all morning long! They’re also kid approved, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo!

almond flour pancakes stacked with bowl of blueberry compote and jar of milk
Love oats? Then you will love these oatmeal pancakes. The batter is assembled the night ahead, so all you do in the morning is add in the dry ingredients. Super easy and totally kid approved and loved!

Oatmeal pancakes on a plate with fruit and coffee

If you’re looking for a grain-free, gluten-free, vegan and paleo warm porridge then you have to try my grain-free, paleo, vegan breakfast porridge. It’s loaded with healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, contains tons of fiber, antioxidants, magensisum, and minerals. It takes only 10 minutes to make from start to finish, and the best part is that it’s low in carbs, and a warm, tasty and satisfying way to start the day. It will also give you the necessary fuel to get you through your morning.
Grain free paleo vegan breakfast porridge in a bowl with fruit
 I just have to say that I LOVE breakfast!

INTERESTING FACT:  Did you know that oats are naturally gluten-free?  They don’t contain gluten in their natural form. They are typically processed in facilities that also process wheat and other gluten grains. So that’s why you pay more for gluten-free oats, because they have to be processed at a certified facility that only processes them alone. If you’re allergic to gluten, look for certified gluten-free oats.

With love Jackie

Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats

Recipe by Jackie
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Prep time


Cook time


Total time




    • 4 cups (32 ounces) filtered water - I recommend using filtered water as tap water can have too much alkaine in it thus causing a greenish slime to occur on the oats. The oats are totally safe to eat, but it's not very appealing.

    • 1 cup steel cut oats - I use Bob's Red Mill gluten free steel cut oats

    • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt

    • Optional but tasty - 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

    • Toppings:
    • Fresh fruit such as; strawberries, blueberries, smashed raspberries, blackberries or sautéed cinnamon apples

    • Blackberry chia compote – no added sugar I do this in the fall and winter months where there isn’t fresh fruit as it uses frozen berries

    • Spoonful of almond butter, walnut butter or peanut-butter – I am obsessed with this almond butter from Sam’s Adventure Snacks. It’s locally made in SF and has the perfect consistency and the sea salt really amplifies the flavor. 

    • Maple syrup or honey – I love Manuka honey

    • I love this tahini with dates from SoCo, use code THANKS for 20% off


    • Get out a medium saucepan, soup pan or Dutch oven and pour in the 4 cups water.

    • Turn the heat to high and bring the water to a rapid boil.

    • When the water comes to a full boil, pour in the steel cut oats and salt.

    • Stir and let the oats cook for 1 minute. I always set my timer here. If your oats start bubbling and rising up, then just give them a quick stir and that should take care of it, but if they still keep rising up, then turn down the heat a bit. 

    • After one minute, turn off the heat, give the oats a quick stir, cover and then let them sit out overnight.

    • In the morning uncover the oats and turn the heat onto medium.

    • Stir occasionally until the oats are heated through. There will be a bit of water in the mixture still, but the oats will thicken up as they sit. I really like this consistency because they're not to thick, goopy or dry.

    • Ladle the oats into a bowl and top with your favorite fixings. I always top my oats with some peanut butter, or almond butter, chia seeds and whatever fresh fruit is in season! Yum!

    Got Leftovers?

    • Store leftover oats in a sealed container in the fridge. Leftover oats will last 2-3 days. To re-heat the leftovers, just put the oats in a sauce pan, over medium-low heat with a bit of water or milk. The oats will thicken as they sit in the fridge, so you'll definitely want to add a bit of water or milk to thin them up as they're cooking. I always add a bit of almond milk to my leftover oats.

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    209 thoughts on “Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats”

          1. This post is so old I wonder if it will get to you but will try. I like mine with milk instead of water, I wonder how I would have to adjust the recipe? Thank you!

            1. Hi Mili! I haven’t tried this method with milk, so I’m not sure how it will turn out. I also hesitate to leave milk out overnight. If you want to use milk, then you can use 3 cups water and let the oats sit out overnight and then add 1 cup milk to the oats in the morning?

              If you really still wanted to try this recipe with 4 cups milk, then I would put the oats in the fridge to sit out overnight and not leave them on the stove. There are also a bunch of recipes for overnight steel cut oats that don’t require cooking. http://www.theyummylife.com/Refrigerator_Oatmeal Maybe you want to give that a try! 🙂

      1. Hi Karin! I love the addition of yogurt and the cold blueberries. Perfect for summer time oats! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      2. What type of yogurt gives the best benefit health wise? Thanks for the information. I will use it for my transformation to healthier lifestyle.

    1. Yum! We love steel cut oatmeal but I’ve not made it overnight before. You’re so cute with how you wrote this with the good night and good morning. And the water in the pan comment, ha! 🙂
      Hope the first few days of summer vacation are going well! talk to you soon. xoxo

      1. Hi girl! Making the oats overnight makes life just so much easier come morning. Try it sometime. I’m sure you have the cool foggy summer mornings like us. June is our foggiest summer month and right now it’s 56 degrees out! Brrrr…. Have a great graduation weekend! xoxo, Jackie

        1. It is cool here this morning too! Rick and I just had coffee and steel cut oatmeal out on the patio but we needed a blanket! I didn’t plan ahead to make the oatmeal overnight but I will definitely try it since it does take awhile on the stove. Talk sooon! xoxo

      1. Hi Em! Welcome and thanks for saying hi! I hope you find a few recipes that you like 🙂
        xoxo, Jackie

    2. I love steel cut oats. I tried them in overnight oats once and I didn’t like the texture… perhaps it was because I didn’t bring the water to a boil? I only added water and stirred a bit before putting in the fridge overnight. I need to try this out.

      1. Hi Reba. I totally tried that method, I think I saw it on the kitchn’s website? Anyway, I was not a fan either, I like my oatmeal warm. You will love this, it tastes just like steel cut oats are supposed to taste, chewy and warm. Give this method a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

    3. how easy is that…i have to say the pot with just water i loved all the same seeing the pretty green handle 🙂 I too was major cereal addict…i would eat mine for dinner…2 bowls…all the time…all the time…now obviously my dinner choices have changed lol…now breakfast this is my kind of breakfast!!!!

      1. Hey girl! I too ate cereal for dinner, especially in college when my budget was tight. It was cheap and filling. I still like my carbs in the morning, but am really becoming addicted to steel cut oats and these hot quinoa cereals. So tasty and a nice break form the cold cereal routine. 🙂

    4. Hi! I just found your site after searching for how to cook steel cut oats, my daughter has to have her oatmeal in the morning and we ran out of the other type of oats. So I have it sitting on the stove and we shall see in the morning. Thanks for the recipe!

        1. They were exactly as you described. Perfecto! There will be a new pot full every few days at my house.

          1. Woo hoo! I’m glad to hear that they turned out perfect for you girl and that they’re a new breakfast staple 🙂

    5. Trying this tonight! I’m oatmeal obsessed and have been looking for a way to use more nutritionally beneficial steel cut oats on a daily basis.

      My favorite? A scoop of almond or peanut butter over warm oats. Holy-moly-you’ll-never-go-back.

      1. Hi Abby! Definitely give this a try. It will be your new morning breakfast staple. I love the ease of it.
        OK, I’m so loving your suggestion of the peanut butter on top. That sounds SO good and a great way to get some protein in. I’m trying it tomorrow and I think I will add a banana as well. Peanut butter and banana! Great idea! xoxo, Jackie

      2. Hey Abby! Guess what? I tried your suggestion of using a dollop of peanut butter in lieu of the brown sugar and I have to say, I am hooked. It’s so good and totally makes the oats super creamy. LOVE IT! Thanks so much for the suggestion. I updated my post above and gave you credit for the suggestion! xoxo, Jackie

        1. Thanks so much for the cred! 🙂 It’s seriously one of life’s most beautiful things. I’m actually setting up my pot for the morning right now. So so excited to dig in in the morning.

          1. Hey Abby! I just realized you have a website, so I updated the post and linked your name to your site! Let me know how your oats turn out! xoxo, Jackie

    6. Guys, can you help? Do you actually leave it simmer overnight on a small gas or you switch it off completely? Confused…

      1. Hi Alex! After the oats cook in the boiling water for 1 minute you completely turn off the heat. You cover the pan and let the oats sit out overnight with no heat. I hope that answers your question 🙂 Jackie

    7. The oats came out perfectly – what a great, easy new technique! For me, with 4 cups of water, there was still a layer of water on the oats. Next time I’ll reduce the water to 3 or 3.5 cups. Thank you!

      1. Hi Paula! I’m so glad that you tried the oats and that they turned out well for you. It really is an easy way to get your oats in the morning! 🙂 Jackie

    8. This just changed my life! I literally spend nearly an hour in the morning making my oats! I recently made the switch from old fashioned oats to steel cut so I’m still working on recipes. Thanks for this post! Also, I LOVE peanut butter in my oats!

      1. Hi Samantha! I’m so happy to hear that I helped make your morning routine a bit easier. I’m such a tired camper in the morning, so I need a breakfast that is fast, tasty and easy. Yes, the peanut butter is awesome on the oats. Let me know if you have any other favorite toppings 🙂 I’m always experimenting as well. xoxo, Jackie

      1. I think the ones from Trader Joes are the quick cook steel cut oats and those would not work in this recipe. This recipe is for the more traditional steel cut oats that look like tiny pellets. I linked over in the recipe to the brand that I use, but I know there are other varieties and brands out there as well. I hope that helps! xoxo, Jackie

    9. I was so excited to try your recipe anyways and all i had were the quick cook TJ ones and it came out delicious 🙂 will try next time with your brand! loved this idea/recipe, never saw it before! I usually buy the frozen steel cut oatmeal from TJ and its great, but id rather have fresh oatmeal i make myself. One last question..how long can I store it in a tupperware in the fridge for?

      1. Wow, great news that it worked with the Trade Joe’s steel cut oats. Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ve never seen those particular oats in person, but they must be hearty enough to sit out overnight. I used to eat the TJ’s frozen steel cut oats all the time! That was before I discovered that I could make them easily and a lot cheaper at home. Plus I’m not a huge fan of microwaving up my food, so I like it when I can make up something on the stove.
        The oats should keep well for several days in a sealed container. I have kept mine for up to 3 days and they have tasted great. They usually don’t last past day three in my house as there are 4 of us eating them.
        If you want to make a smaller batch because your concerned about having too many leftovers then you can cut the recipe in half. Use 1/2 cup oats, 2 cups water and 1/8 tsp salt. xoxo, Jackie

    10. I tried your method after my first time trying steel cut oats took wayyy too much time, and yours are better! I love your photos, and all of the suggestions here are great! Even though they come out great, I am still a little put off by leaving wet food out at room temperature overnight. I might have to try a smaller batch where I put them in the fridge after boiling just to see if they still come out as perfect! Thanks for posting your recipes! 🙂
      Also, Trader Joe’s now sells their own brand of organic steel cut oats, not just the quick cooking steel cut oats. Yay!

      1. Hi Lauren! Great to know that about Trader Joe’s selling regular steel cut oats, as I only thought they had the quick cooking ones, so thanks for the info. Oats and water are totally fine to leave out at room temp, it’s not like you’re leaving out any dairy or anything that would spoil, but I totally get you feeling put off by it. I’m kind of a freak when it comes to things like that as well. Try leaving it in the fridge overnight and let me know how it turns out. I’m sure it will be fine, it just might take a bit more time to heat up in the morning. Have a great night Lauren! 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

        1. You were right, it just takes a little more time in the morning! But I agree, it’s not something that would spoil overnight so I think I’ll stick to leaving it on the counter. I need my oatmeal ASAP! 😛

          1. Hi Lauren. Thanks for reporting back. I’m glad it worked out, as it’s good to know for those people that are nervous about leaving the oats out overnight. I’m the same way as you. I need them to be quick and fast in the morning as I’m one hungry girl! xoxo, Jackie

    11. Thank you for the recipe! This was my first time cooking steel cut oats, and with your method, they came out perfectly! I keep it simple with a small drizzle of maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon, and a splash of milk! Here’s to many happy and healthy breakfasts :)!

    12. Hello, I’m new to the steel cut world, but I live a nutritious breakfast. Quick question, a about how many hours should the steel cut oats sit in the water? I’m going to do this during the day since I need to prepsre my breaskfast for the week. I’m assuming about 7-8 hours, but I’d like for you to confirm.

      Thanks for all of the details and suggestions. Oh, and I’ll be trying the peanut butter too. Up next, quinoa. Yay.

      1. Hi Kim! The oats need about 8 hours to sit in the water. If I were you, I would still do the overnight method and then just refrigerate the leftovers for breakfast. If you’re making them during the day and not rushing them for breakfast, then I would just make them the traditional way, as it only takes about 30 minutes. You just bring the oats to a boil (3 parts water to 1 cup oats with a pinch of salt) in the water and then let them simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about 20-30 minutes, depending on how chewy you want your oats to be. The overnight method is really just a time saver for people in the morning so they don’t have to make and cook the oats for 30 minutes. You will love the peanut butter addition and the overnight quinoa and oat combination. I make the oat and quinoa one on the mornings I’m going to workout as it gives me tons of energy! Let me know if you have any other questions Kim! xoxo, Jackie

    13. Hi Jackie

      The overnight soaking method works beautifully. The oats only needed re-heating and were creamy and delicious.

      Thank you.


      1. Hi Erica. Thanks for stopping back and letting me know how everything turned out for you! I’m so glad they turned out perfectly 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    14. Thanks for this tip Jackie. After trying to use these as porridge oats I’d tried soaking them overnight in skimmed milk, that improved the texture by about 50% but it was still like eating pot pourri.

      I’ll try your per-cook idea tonight as I have a CostCo sized quantity in the larder looking at me smugly (thought I was buying porridge oats originally).

      My preferred add-ins are raisins, cooked with the oats so they swell, poppy seed and a little Golden Syrup (traditional in the UK with porridge).

      1. Hi Steve. I hope that this method works better for you and that your oats don’t take like pot pourri 🙂 I love raisins in my oats and cereal as well, but I have never tried the poppy seeds, sounds tasty though. Enjoy 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    15. Hi! I just made my first batch and they are now resting. I’m so excited for tomorrow! I have a bad habit of not eating breakfast, so I am hoping if they turn out great, I will never have another excuse for skipping breakfast. 🙂

      I do have a question. I have a gas stove and allowed my water to boil, then poured in the oats, not reducing the heat, is that correct? I asked because in the one minute while they cooking, the water was rising and I had to turn down the heat to medium to avoid overflow, but only for the last 15 seconds. Does that happen to you? I noticed your morning picture did not show any residue on the side walls of the pot as mine did after I turned off the heat. I have the same le creuset dutch oven and I used Quaker steel cut oat, no quick oats. Just thought I’d ask since I didn’t see this in any of the above comments. Thanks!

      1. Hi Janet. I’ve been eating these oats for the past two weeks and trying then with all different toppings, as you can see from all the photographs in the post. They don’t get boring if you just keep changing out the toppings.
        I have a gas stove as well, and yes you are correct, you do not turn down the heat. Did you stir the oats when you poured them in? I always find that if my water is rising too high, I just give a quick stir and it goes down again, and if that doesn’t work I will turn down the heat a bit. The oats were just boiling for 1 minute, so you didn’t do any harm by turning down the heat. I think I even did that one time when the water was going crazy. So don’t worry girl 😉
        I think the residue you’re talking about is just the residue from the oats boiling up and really just sticky water residue. I wouldn’t worry about it. I have never used Quaker steel cut oats before so maybe they just have a bit more residue, no biggie though. I know that Bob’s red mill can leave a green film the next day, but it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just the oats, so different oats have different things that happen. I hope they turned out well for you. Please let me know!

        1. It worked!! My goodness, I was so excited. My husband even took some to work. I didn’t have time to heat them back up on the stove, so I scooped out my portion into a microwave to-go container and heated them up for about 1.5 mins. I then added Nutella, since I’m not a peanut butter fan, and DELISH! Yes, you’re so right, I can see mixing up all sorts of other toppings. Thank you so much for this recipe. You were right, the residue was just the water/oats boil, but no biggie and it was hardly noticeable in the am. Plus, because the dutch oven is so easy to clean, it just rinsed right off. Thank you again!! I have already shared your link with inquiring co-workers. 😉 Have a good day!

          1. Yaay Janet! Great news! 🙂 I knew it would turn out great for you. It’s always scary the first time you try any new recipe! I always make a recipe a few times before I post it because I know there will be different results each time and I want to try and account for those. Ok, Nutella is something I have not added to my steel cut oats, I think I may have to try that one morning, yum! Actually, that might get my kids to eat it more often 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping back and letting me know that it was a breakfast success and also for passing on my blog to your friends! Have a wonderful week 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    16. I’m new to steel cut oats so I’m confused on what the texture is supposed to be like. I like my oats a little bit more thick than what you have in your pictures (those are just too runny for me) so I reduced the water level to 3 cups. Everything else I followed exactly. In the morning there was still some water on top around the outside, but the middle was puffy (like a small hill with a saturated marshy moat around it). The oats were a bit gritty/chewy and I’m not sure that texture is right – is it? Also, my wife commented on them being a bit too salty with the 1/4 tsp. of salt I added.

      I noticed the directions on McCann’s differs from yours in two ways – they don’t add salt (why do you do that exactly?) and they put the pot in the fridge overnight – why do you suggest just leaving on the stove?

      Thanks for your help if you can – I just want to get them right and start a new staple/routine in our house. My 5 yr. old daughter just LOVED helping me make them the night before – before she went to bed!! It got her so excited to wake in the morning and eat them (and she’s already usually excited to wake!)

      1. Hi Rick! Sorry to get back to you so late on this question, but I was in Pointe Reyes on an all day field trip with my son.
        Ok, first off there are so many way to cook up oats. This is just one of the many ways and the way I’ve tried. It’s the lazy man’s version to cooking oats 🙂 Also, to be honest I’ve never even looked at the recipe on the can of oats. I just took the recipe that I used for making overnight quinoa and oats and applied it to this recipe.
        You can of course add less salt or even omit it entirely. The salt brings out the nutty flavor in the oats. Maybe you can add 1/8 of a teaspoon next time and see how that tastes?
        I’ve made these oats at least 50 times and in different pans and kitchens and I’ve never heard of the middle getting all puffy in the morning? Hmmmm…. did you stir the oats after you let them boil for a minute before you put the cover on to sit over night? Did you stir them in the morning before you re-heated them? That might just get rid of the puffiness. Maybe they just needed to be stirred again. If you’re finding that they’re too stiff in texture, then add a bit more milk or water to them in the morning when re-heating them. The water does eventually evaporate and the oats will thicken up.
        Also the oats do thicken up as they sit, especially with leftovers the next day. I have to always add milk to my oats when re-heating them.
        As far as the texture goes, steel-cut oats are not gritty, but they’re chewy and creamy in texture.
        You can totally put the covered pan in the fridge overnight if you don’t feel comfortable with them sitting out on the stove top. They will just take a bit longer to heat up in the morning, but that is it.
        Experiment with them and see what water to oat and salt ratio you like best. Also when first trying oats, you will want to sweeten them up a bit. Plain steel cut oats are pretty boring and don’t have much flavor. My kids need then topped with honey and or dark brown sugar, cinnamon or maple syrup. I love them with a big spoonful of peanut butter and some fresh berries. I love that your 5 year old helped you make these up and got excited! I love it when kids help out cooking in the kitchen, it’s the best 🙂 So, please experiment and report back to what method you found works best. You might even want to follow the directions on the back of the can of oats and that’s totally ok! xoxo, Jackie

        1. Okay – trying again tonight, except this time we’re using your exact measurements, no salt at all (we actually prefer bland oats – at least old fashioned oats taste ok bland). I made sure to time exactly ONE minute for cooking on a full boil. Afterwards I removed it from the heat and gave it a quick stir or two and put the lid on.

          Before when I said they were “puffy” I meant they looked “full” of moisture, much how I prefer my old fashioned oats after they’ve soaked up all the moisture and are soft and fluffy. That’s why it surprised me when they had some granular texture to them yesterday. More to come in the morning! (Thanks btw for replying! Can’t wait to try your pumpkin muffin pop’ems from 2012 next! Also your pumpkin sheet cake!)

          1. Hi Rick! I hope that the oats came out better on attempt number two. If the texture is still a bit watery for your liking, then just store them in a covered container and give them a try tomorrow. They honestly get super thick as leftovers. I have to add either water or almond milk to them. The pumpkin muffin poppers are delish, but best day 1 and the sheet cake is easy and moist as well. I hope you enjoy both of those recipes 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

            1. So much better this morning! We’re going to stick with your exact measurements (minus the salt) as they certainly DID thicken up upon warming (and continued to do so after!) In my opinion they were even better after warming back up and then sitting around again for another hour or two.

              My 5 year old AND my 9 month old both approve! Thank you Jackie! (funny you were at Point Reyes yesterday, we bucked the trend and went to HMB Arata’s Pumpkin Farm for family photos – there was no one there yesterday evening!)

            2. Great news Rick! I’m so glad they worked out for you and that your whole family approved. I thought you might like them a bit more after they sat around and had time to thicken up. I had a batch of leftovers this morning for breakfast and they were tasty and perfect for this cool and foggy morning.
              Awesome that you all live local! I hear that’s a great pumpkin patch. We used to go to this great one in Sonoma when the kids were younger, but now that the kids are older, we just get the pumpkins at Paradise Foods! Lame, I know, but the kids are all about the carving now and not about the actual picking out! I hope you all got a great family photo! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how the oats turned out! It’s always helpful for me, as well as future readers! xoxo, Jackie

    17. Hi: I just made your overnight steel cut oats and it was delicious. I gave some to my two year old and she loved it. Quick question – I had a lot leftover. Can you put it in the fridge for the next day? Have you done that before and if so, do you just warm it up the next morning or put some milk/water to it?? Thanks!! I’ve actually tried lots of your recipes – we made your skillet chicken parmesan last night!

      1. Hi Fran! Sorry to get back to you so late on this question, but I was in Pointe Reyes on an all day field trip with my son. I’m so glad that you loved the oats as well as your two year old 🙂 Yes, you can totally put the oats in the fridge in a sealed container. Leftover oatmeal can be refrigerated for up to a week. The oats will thicken up as they sit in the fridge, so you will want to either add some milk, almond milk etc or water to thin them out when you re-heat them on the stove. I’m happy to hear that you have tried some other recipes! I hope they turned out good for you as well. I love that skillet parmesan. SO good! 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    18. from one grapenut/granola addict to another. thanks for this simple recipe. i think i can learn to do without the cereal. correction: i know i can.

      1. Yes you can! I’ve been eating these oats along with my quinoa and oats and 5 minute quinoa flake cereal for the past couple months and I’m not missing the cereal! I just top the oats with different toppings to keep it fresh! 🙂

    19. Great ideas for steel cut oats (SCOs)! My family is not so fond of the “sweet” versions of oats so I make ours more “savory”. I’ll add salt/pepper and a poached egg on top. They gobble it up. Also, I have an electronic pressure cooker and cooking the SCOs is a breeze: 1 cup of SCOs, 1 cup of water and 9 minutes on high. I walk away and wake my kids for school and Voila…breakfast is served by the time they come downstairs.

      1. Hi Amie! I wish I had a pressure cooker, wow, just 9 minutes, can’t beat that. I never thought about topping the oats with an egg, but I’m sure it would be amazing. I mean I tried peanut butter in my oats and now I’m hooked, so the egg is next. Thanks for the suggestion! xoxo, Jackie

    20. Hi, I am only need enough for one breakfast, could I refrigerate the rest for another day?
      Or if I just reduce the amount would it still work out as well?
      Thanks for the great recipe, looking forward to hearing your advice 🙂

      1. Hi Jessica! I usually just make these oats for myself, as I’m the one who is totally hooked on them. I make the regular sized batch and then re-heat portions for the next few days. You can totally put the oats in the fridge in a sealed container. Leftover oatmeal can be refrigerated for up to a week. The oats will thicken up as they sit in the fridge, so you will want to either add some milk, almond milk etc or water to thin them out when you re-heat them on the stove. It’s nice to make one big batch because then you just have to re-heat the oats in the morning. I usually make a batch on Sunday night and then I have oats all week. I hope you love them and try them with topped with some peanut butter, so good! xoxo, Jackie

    21. This was very good, easy to make and delicious. I use Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats (local NW product that won the Golden Spurtle). So good. . .bananas and brown sugar on top! I can feel my LDL levels dropping as we speak!

      1. They actually taste great with just the water and I don’t feel comfortable leaving the oats out overnight sitting in milk, so water just works for this recipe. You can totally add milk to the oats in the morning if you want, but they really taste great as is, at least to me! 🙂 Give them a try! xoxo, Jackie

    22. You just made my day…..This actually was so simple and I cant believe I never thought of it before. Saves so much time. Thanks!

    23. Great method! Thank you. I have tried it and it worked perfectly.
      Question: How would it work for oat groats? How long would I have to cook it for before leaving it overnight? I am thinking maybe 15 minutes of simmering?
      Thank you.

      1. Hi Alina! Glad you tried this method and that it worked for you 🙂 Hmmm…. I’ve never cooked or tried oat groats, so I really can’t say how long they need to cook for. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! xoxo, Jackie

    24. Love this recipe. I always bought oatmeal in my office cafe for b/f. But after seeing your recipe, i tried it yesterday and I love it.

      1. Hi David! Yaay! I’m so glad that you made the steel cut oats and loved them and I’m also happy to hear that you’re going to be saving yourself some money by making breakfast at home! Thanks for letting me know 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

      1. Hmmm…. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. Can you close the vent hole on your saucepan or use another lid?

    25. If you double or triple the amount of oats will this still turn out? I am thinking of making this for a girls weekend, but need to plan for 8 ladies…. Thank you looks delicious!

    26. Hi, Jackie,
      Love your website and photos. I make your overnight oatmeal a lot for my teen swimmers. I always double the recipe without any problems. Turns out great. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes with beautiful photos. My brother-in-law and his family live in San Mateo–you are all so lucky to live in such a gorgeous area! We live by the Dunes near Lake Michigan, so it’s not too bad for Indiana. Take care. ~ Brenda H., Chesterton, IN

      1. Hi Brenda! I’m so glad you stopped by to say hi and I’m happy to hear that you make this oatmeal all the time for your teens 🙂 I’m sure there are some early mornings in your house with swim team and all. 🙂
        San Mateo is just 40 minutes from here. Beautiful! I do love living here. I grew up in upstate NY and then lived in RI, DC and then MN before moving here and I have to say that this is one of my fave places. I’m still in awe everytime I cross the Golden Gate Bridge! It also sounds like you live in a beautiful place as well. I love Lake Michigan and the midwest is just gorgeous. We visit MN every summer and there is nothing prettier. It’s so green in comparison to CA in the summer! Have a blissful week and thanks so much for saying hi! xoxo, Jackie 🙂

    27. My new daily breakfast. I add a little almond butter, raw honey, and sometimes strawberries…Yum! I don’t know why I never thought of adding almond butter before? Thanks for the suggestion! I have been looking for an easier/faster way to have steel cut oats. This is it. Thanks so much! I am new to your blog and am loving it! Good luck with the new job!

      1. Hi Kathleen! Awesome! I’m so happy you’re loving the steel cuts oats in the morning! Almond butter and peanut butter totally make the oats. It takes it to a whole new level! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the blog and I hope you find many more recipes to try! Thanks for wishing me good luck on the new job. So far, so good 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    28. This made perfect oatmeal! I’m so excited cause I hated waiting 30 minutes for my breakfast and would end up eating whatever was closest in the meantime! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

      1. You’re so welcome Morgan! I’m so happy to hear that you loved this oatmeal! It was a game changer for me as well 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    29. I tried this way of making oatmeal and love it ,we now eat oatmeal twice a week instead of twice a year ,great new way of starting my day ,thank-you for sharing

    30. Marie-Anne Besner

      Tried this two weeks ago and love it ,I never cared to much for oatmeal but this was so easy to make ,I’ve done it 4 times now and will continue to do it a couple times a week ,thanks for sharing

    31. Thanks so much for this recipe. I always wanted to switch to steel cut oats but didn’t want the hassle of the long cooking time. This worked perfectly for me!! Great to wake up to breakfast already prepared:)

    32. I’m going to do mine with milk, maple syrup, and top with toasted almonds:) yummm. I’d love to try with berries but I only buy them when they’re in season. Anyway can’t wait to try this in the morning, and love the post–very helpful 🙂

      1. Yaay! I’m so glad you love the oats girl! I’m the same way, I only use the fresh berries when in season, and I can’t wait till this summer to eat them again. In the winter I use goji berries, rasins, bananas, apples etc. I also love topping them with a nut butter, yum! Have a happy Sunday! 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    33. Hi! Quick question do I have to heat it up all the time or that’s just base of preference depending on if you like your ceral.

      1. Hi Nicole! I always heat up my leftover oats just because it’s a personal preference, but you don’t have to. 🙂

    34. Could I add cacao powder to this? If so, would it be best to do it after I heat it up the following morning? Thanks! =)

      1. Hi Caitlin! I would just add the cacao powder to your bowl of oats the next morning with your other toppings. 🙂

      1. I think it’s 1 cup, but I haven’t measured it. I usually get 4 servings (4 days of breakfast) from one batch if that helps. 🙂

    35. Thanks for sharing your recipe on steel cut oat, I had been buying a frozen brand for several months, where I was purchasing they have stopped selling it what a bummer. I know, it would be cheaper for me to make???? So I came across your blog and reading what others have posted, I will be giving this a try, also, like the Idea it will be ready for me for several days. Can’t wait.

      1. Awesome Mandie! I’m so glad you loved the oats. I acutally made up a batch this weekend and topped it with my fave peanut butter, fresh strawberries and blueberries. It’s the best! 🙂

    36. Thank you so much this is the first time I have fixed steel cut oats, I have had them here at the house for a while but the time I had heard that it takes to make them had put me off. Then last night I found your method on pinterest and it looked so easy and the reviews were good I choose your way and I very happy I did the oats were so good even my Mother loved them and she is so unwilling to try new things.

      1. Awesome Theresa! I’m so happy to hear that your first time fixing up steel cut oats was a success and that your mother loved them as well. Thanks so much for letting me know 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    37. Don’t wander away while cooking! Lawdee what a stink! And it took for ever to clean out of my Le Creuset. But I salvaged the pan and make a weeks worth of oatmeal this way. Warm it up a dish at a time – honey, cinnamon, splash of lowfat milk and strawberries, or my new fave – softcooked egg, cheese and leftover greens (spinach, kale, just stir it in).

    38. Is it okay to put them in the fridge overnight? I’d really rather not my father-in-law, the clean freak, thinking he can toss what is sitting on the stove, out, should he come into the kitchen once my husband and I are in bed!

      1. Hi Ael! Sorry for the late response! I was out of town and unplugged from the computer. Yes, it’s ok to put the oats in the fridge overnight. It just might take a few minutes more to re-heat them in the morning! Enjoy! xoxo, Jackie

    39. I’m so grateful to you for this recipe. I followed your simple instructions and the next morning, the steel cut oats were perfect. I want to eat more oatmean because of the high silica content…it’s a vital ingredient for skin, hair, nails and joints! Now I can have my bowl of oatmeal in the morning!
      I tried the overnight in crockpot method and it came out like glue. This is perfect. Thanks!

      1. Hi Sandy! Yaay! Great news! I’m so glad that your oats turned out perfect! I made these 3 nights in a row for my girlfriends on our recent trip, and they were shocked by how easy it was to make each night! Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know how they turned out for you! Have a great weekend! xoxo, Jackie

    40. Hi, I just made the steel cut oats overnight . I did this before coming to your blog as I already had instructions on how to do it and what I did was basically what your instructions above say to do. However, I didn’t know about the tap water so when I woke up, there was the green color. I did a quick google search and found your site and was relieved to find out that it comes from using nonfiltered water, which is all I have, but instead of reading further where I was supposed to scrape it off, I mixed it in with oatmeal and now I feel I’ve ruined everything. Is it safe to eat even though I mixed it all in together?

      1. Hi Kazy! Sorry to get back to you so late in the game on this, but I was out of town and took a vacation from the computer. You’re fine to eat the oats with the green residue. Actually, my girlfriend said that it’s good for you, so there you go. I scrape it off because it just doesn’t look that appetizing to me. I use filtered water because I just don’t want to deal with the green residue, and I recommend using filtered water to my readers because I know people might be freaked out to see green residue on thier oats. Most people will think that it’s mold. I hope you didn’t throw away your oats! xoxo, Jackie

    41. This might seem dumb, but could I warm it up in the microwave, too? Or does it have to be done on the stove the next morning?

      1. Hi Erica! Did you ever hear the phrase that there is never a dumb question? 🙂 You can take out the oats that you want to eat and put them in a bolw and microwave them! Totally! I hope you enjoy them 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    42. Thank you for this recipe! We had it this morning and enjoyed it quite a lot. I used tap water, but I stirred in two tablespoons of buttermilk after boiling and had no problems with it turning green.

      1. Awesome Dianna! I’m super happy to hear that your oats turned out well! 🙂 I have used tap water before and haven’t had an issue either, but I have had readers that have, so I guess it just depends on your local water supply. I actually made a batch of oats last night and topped them with fresh strawberries and peanut butter this morning. My FAVES! 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    43. I like to put a heaping spoonful (REALLY heaping) of virgin coconut oil in my oatmeal, along with either honey (if I’m in a sweet mood) or peanut butter (if I’m in a savory mood). AMAZING!!!

    44. So disappointed with the “print friendly” option – it printed out every single picture and comment you posted – what a waste of expensive colored cartridge inks, when all I wanted was the text of the recipe 🙁

      1. Hi Mari! So sorry to hear that you had to waste all of that paper and ink! In the printer friendly option, you can click the button where it says remove images and you can also delete print, such as the top part of the post. I would acutally recommend priting from the ziplist recipe at the bottom instead. It prints a nice recipe page with a border. It’s compact and one page. I keep the printer friendly option on the blog for my older posts that don’t have the ziplist recipe at the bottom! I hope that helps Mari! xoxo, Jackie

    45. Was anxious
      to try using steel oats and the only ones I saw at the store were the quick cook ones. Can I use this reciepe for them?

      1. Hi Edith! I don’t think quick cook oats will work with this recipe. Steel cut oats look like little pellets and they are very hard in texture, so they need a while to break down. I would cook the quick cook oats the way they suggest on the package. Keep your eye out for steel cut oats, they do carry them at most grocery stores and I think even Target has them. Let me know if you have any questions. xoxo, Jacquelyn

    46. I made the oats last night. Perfect! Thank you so much for all the advice. My add-ins were blueberries, walnuts, raisins and cranberries.

      1. Hi Susan! I’m so glad that the recipe was a success for you! Thanks so much for letting me know! Your additions sound wonderful 🙂

      1. Awesome Amy! I’m so happy to hear that it worked out well for you and that you loved it! 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

      1. Hi Ingrid! No, you do not leave the burner on overnight, and it’s best to move the oats to another part of the stove rather than where you cooked the oats. Basically, you boil the water, then add the oats and salt and boil for 1 minute, then you turn off the heat, give the oats a stir and cover the pan. I usually move the pan to the back part of the stove. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

    47. yep i do this every night! i use more salt though. also i dont think its food safe to be leaving that out overnight. i usually place the pot in the fridge overnight. and yes the natural peanut butter is the ticket!

      1. Hi Nick! Awesome Nick! I’m glad you love the oats. I haven’t gotten sick yet by leaving it out overnight, but the fridge never hurts! Peanut butter on oats and quinoa flakes is definitely the ticket 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

      1. Yes, you can put the pot in the refrigerator, but I would wait an hour or so until the oats and pot cool down. The oats still need to cook so if you put the hot pot directly in the refrigerator, then they may not cook? I’m not entirely sure, as I have never put them in the frdige, and I’ve never had a problem with them or gotten sick. I always just leave the oats in the covered pot on the stove overnight. I hope that answers your question. 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

        1. One time I will leave the pot out an hour and then put it in the refrigerator. Another time I will leave it outside the refrigerator. Then I can find out which method makes better tasting oats.

          I am glad I found this information. I have been eating old fashioned oats my entire life even though I knew steel cut oats were a lot healthier. I never eat steel cut oats due to the cooking time being so damn long. When I am hungry and half asleep I am not in the mood to deal with the wait.

          1. Hi Kevin! Great idea. Let me know which one tastes better! I’ve only had it at room temp. I’m the same way, I’m starving when I get up in the morning and don’t want to spend an hour or even a 1/2 hour making breakfast! I hope you love these oats! xoxo, Jacquelyn

      1. Yaay! I’m so glad you’re loving this method for your morning oats. Thanks for telling all your friends, I apprecaite it 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

      1. I’m not sure I would recommend milk, as this sits out overnight, and milk sitting out overnight sort of makes me worried. If he wants the oats to be creamier, he can add milk into his bowl of oats the next morning. Just an FYI, the first day (morning) the oats tend to be a bit thinner in consistency and then get thicker if you refrigerate them and re-heat them. That is usually when I add in some almond milk and such. I hope that answers your question! 🙂 Jacquelyn

    48. My husband likes steel cut oats but up until your method I just couldn’t eat it. I’ve tried multiple methods to cook it and I either had partially raw/chewy or gloppy gross texture. Your method cooked perfectly and I ate my first bowl this morning. We will be having this frequently. It couldn’t be more simple and yet quite tasty. Thanks so much!

      1. Yaay! I’m so happy that my recipe helped you to enjoy steel cut oats. You’re actually inspriting me to make up a batch right now! Enjoy those oats girl and try topping them with some peanut butter next! SO GOOD! xoxo, Jacquelyn

        1. Jackie I just wanted to do a quick update. Every Sunday night my husband has me prepare him a pot of your steel cut oats. He eats oatmeal four days a week now. I can’t thank you enough for this simple cooking method. The steel cut oats come out perfect every time. I just placed at order for 25 lbs of organic steel cut oats planning ahead to 2015 and hubby’s breakfasts. This is a much healthier breakfast than what he was eating in the past and I wanted to say thank you. This has been a real breakfast changer in our household.

          1. Hi sweetie! Awesome about your hubby loving the steel cut oats. I’m actually heating up a batch of overnight oats this morning as I type this! I was in Tahoe this past weekend and the house I was at had instant oats, they took longer to cook and were way more complicated to cook than these oats and did not taste half as good! I’m so happy to hear that this method has changed your hubby’s morning breakfast routine! Yippee! Thanks so much for saying hi! xoxo, Jacquelyn

    49. I have a question about the following step.


      When the water comes to a full boil, pour in the steel cut oats and salt.

      Give a quick stir and let the oats cook for 1 minute.

      Should the burner level be reduced? If so what should it be reduced to?

      1. Hi Kevin! Ok, when then water comes to a full-boil, toss in the oats, give it a quick stir and keep the heat at the same temp. Don’t turn down the heat. After one minute, turn off the heat, give the oats a stir, and then put the cover on and move the pan off the burner to another part of the stove. Please let me know if you have any additional questions! xoxo, Jacquelyn

    50. I use a small electric crock pot with a timer. Put the ingedients in the night before. Starts at 3am and is ready by 6:30 or so.

    51. So, to be quite honest, I have always hated oatmeal. I’m more of a cream of wheat kind of gal. So when I was told that I was going to have to cut gluten out of my diet, I was devastated. Now, my husband and kids love the heck out of oatmeal, so they’re fine with it cooked however. After learning about how much more beneficial steel cut oats are for you, I decided to give them a try. Yuck. They were HORRIBLE. Even my oatmeal addicted 7 year old turned her nose at it. After searching and searching for a better way to make it, I stumped upon this method. Seriously…you are my hero. Even me, the girl who hated oatmeal, scrapes her bowl clean. Now, we all take turns coming up with different mixes to do and we make it almost every night. My kids LOVE putting peanut butter and bananas in it. The other favorite is vanilla, cinnamon, and dried blueberries. So yummy! I have found that we do prefer it much less soupy, so we cook it with 3 cups of water instead. I also like to cook it with the fruit and spices in with it, that way they all mingle real nice. Thank you so much for this!!!

      1. Hi Shawna! Awesome!! I’m so happy that you love these oats! I actually just tried toasting the oats first, and I have to say that it adds a nice nutty flavor to the oats, super good! I will post that recipe next. You got me thinking that I may do a post next on my favorite toppings for steel-cut oats. I love hearing about your combinations, and I’m sure my readers would love hearing different combinations as well. I never tried peanut butter before on my oats until a reader told me about it, and now I’m hooked! I love your idea of the vanilla, cinnamon and dried blueberries. I agree that adding the dried blueberries to the oats while they’re cooking will make them softer, as well as mingle their flavor into the oats.

        Are you using the gluten-free steel cut oats from Bob’s Red Mill?

        I may try and use 3.5 cups of water next. I usually cook the water off from the oats when I’m re-heating them, but have found that they can sometimes be a bit soupy at first. Great idea!

        Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, and thanks for your super sweet comment. I LOVE that your family LOVES these oats! Yippee! xoxo, Jacquelyn

    52. It’s even easier to not cook them at all. Add oats to yogurt and milk and let sit overnight in the fridge. Add your fruit and or nuts and you’re done. Delicious.

    53. Trying this tonight as part of an dietary change. I never eat breakfast but that will change now! Very excited! Thanks for posting a recipe for us who are hectic in the AM and not morning people!

    54. I recently tried this recipe for the first time and the oatmeal turned out great! I had better results when I stored the oatmeal in the refrigerator instead of on the counter.

      One thing I found is when using filtered water it not only eliminated the unappealing green slime but it also tasted noticeably better!

      I tried different ways of reheating the oatmeal. For about 1 serving I boiled 1 fluid ounce of water and then added the oats. I set the burner a little below medium and heated the oats for about 6.5 minutes.

      1. Hi Kevin! Thanks for sharing your tips about storing the oats and reheating the oats. It’s always helpful to readers to see what other people have done 🙂 I agree that filtered water does make a difference in taste! I’m actually typing this as I eat a bowl of re-heated oats. I added a bit of almond milk to them and then topped them with 2 tbl chia seeds, peanut butter, strawberries and raspberries. Delish! Anyway, thanks again for sharing your tips and tricks 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

    55. Has anyone tried eating steel cut oatmeal without anything in it? I found it bland and not very enjoyable.

      I like to eat as healthy as possible. Normally I add raw ceylon (the sweeter) cinnamon and fruit preserves made with only fruit.

      How does everyone else feel about eating steel cut oatmeal without anything in it? Am I a picky eater with a sweet tooth?

      1. Hi Kevin! I don’t know anyone who eats oats without any sort of topping. I certainly don’t! Try adding some fresh orange zest, pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut. I find that the natural sweetness from fresh fruit paired with a bit of almond or peanut butter tastes amazing and I don’t need to add any sort of sweetner to it. You can also try adding some cacao nibs or dark chocolate shavings? Actually, that sounds SO good, that I may have to try it! 🙂 Jacquelyn

        1. I am a big fan of dark chocolate but it never crossed my mind to put it in oatmeal.

          Dark chocolate is supposed to be healthy so I can justify trying eating it for breakfast. Heck. If people eat doughnuts for breakfast, why not dark chocolate. I have some 70% dark chocolate in my cupboard.

          1. Yes, I never thought of it till you mentioned needing a sweet in your oats. Dark chocolate is a wonderful antioxidant! I’m totally going to put some chocolate shavings on a bowl soon! I think it will be amazing paired with the nut butter! 🙂 Like a healthier peanut butter cup!

      1. You can try 3 cups, it’s all about individual preference here. Some people like less water and more dense oats. I use 4 cups because the water evaporates once you start warming them up and I don’t like them to have a bit of liquid! 🙂

      1. Hi V! Thanks so much for your safety concerns, and your insight. You’re totally right that there could be an issue with this method. I’ve made this recipe over 100 times and personally never had an issue and I’ve had many friends make this as well, and there was no issues on their end, but everyone should do what feels comfortable to them and if they feel cautious and nervous about this particular method, then please don’t do it this way. This could be an issue for someone with a weakened immune system, a small child or an elderly person, so I would caution them doing this method as well.

        I’m going to try soaking the oats in the overnight in the fridge with the cold water and salt, and then try cooking them in the morning and see how long they take to cook up. I will let you know how that turns out.

        Oh, the other thing you don’t want to do is heat up the oats and then place them in the fridge to cool down right after, that can also cause bacteria to grow from all of the moisture that will settle in the pan. Ok, thanks for the comment! 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

      2. Lindsay Wyman

        In response to V if your real concerned about food safety or bacteria yoi can always overnight in a crockpot but use a 4:1 ratio 4 cups liquid to 1 cup oats…. This is my favorite and i feel safest way to make steel cut oats add maple syrup and some blueberries its pretty great and food borne illness is a whole lot less likely i use a rice cooker or small crock pot just for this steel cut oats is my favorite breakfast…..happy cooking

        1. Thanks Lindsay! For those of you that are nervous, just cook the oats per the recipe, let them cool a bit on the stove, and then store the covered to in the fridge till morning. Easy peasy!

    56. I just bought 3 pounds of steel cut oats. They have a strong scent. Almost like an odor. I am used to oats that do not have any scent. I am almost certain they are not spoiled.

      They sort of smell like granola. I am wondering if it is due to too much fertilizer being used to grow the oats. I contacted the company that made the oats but they were not helpful.

      Has anyone ever bought oats that had a strong scent?

      1. Hi Kevin! I think you might just have a “bad” batch. I would just take them back to the store where you bought them and get another bag or batch. If they still have a smell to them, then go to another store and get a different brand, or go to a store where there is a “high” turnover rate on the oats in the bulk bins. I wouldn’t honestly waste anymore time researching why they smell off, I would just return them and get a new batch! xoxo, Jacquelyn

        1. I wish I would have read this Reply yesterday. I came to this conclusion this morning.

          I ordered these oats online. I asked for a refund. The company offered to replace the 3 bags of oatmeal. I accepted the offer but in hindsight I wish would have asked for a chargeback through my credit card company.

          I have bought oats in a store or ordered them at a restaurant numerous times and never returned them. This company should not be selling oats that have any odor. It is not industry standard for oats to have any strong scent. The company even ADMITTED they have an odor.

          I am almost certain that these oats will have the same odor.

      2. I love oat groats / steel cut oats and to me they do have a grassy, earthy smell. Are you sure that’s not what you’re smelling? It is different from even thick-cut rolled oats.

      1. Hi there! I honestly wouldn’t recommend putting them in the microwave, as they really only take 5 minutes to heat up on the stove-top. Microwaves tend to suck all the nutrients out of whole-foods, so it’s best to try and use the stove top and oven as much as possible. 🙂

      1. Hi Peggy! That sounds tasty! I think a dollop of butter and then to top the oats with an egg or avocado, or both would be tasty, as well and give you some added healthy fats and protein!

    57. I made a batch on Tuesday night, I used 2 cups of almond milk and 2 cups of Water to add more protein. I let them cool on the stove for about 30 min – 1 hr and then transferred them to the fridge over night. They turned out great!

      1. Hi Angie! Sounds great! I love the protien boost you gave to the oats with the almond milk, and I’m sure it made them even creamier to boot! I think I’ll try that next! xoxo, Jacquelyn

    58. I’ve been looking for an overnight process for steel cut oats and yours is the best. I made a couple simple changes for high altitude–a bit more water and increase boil time to 2 1/2 minutes. Perfect!

    59. Thank you!! I’m especially grateful that you shared different topping ideas because I’ve been feeling uninspired with my steel cut oats.

      I also wanted to share how I make my overnight steel cut oats. It’s a lot more simple than your recipe (seems surprising, I know). I put 1/4 cup of oats with 1/2 cup of water, 1 tbsp vanilla extract and dash of cinnamon in a tupperware container overnight. In the morning I just heat it in the microwave for 1 minute and add whatever toppings I like – milk, seeds, berries, bananas. No cooking on the stove required!

      Thanks again!!

      1. Hi Kelsey! Yay, so happy you found some different topping ideas. Thanks as well for sharing your recipe for oats, as it will be very helpful to my readers. xoxo, Jacquelyn

    60. Filtering water will not change the pH of the water unless it is a reverse osmosis “filter”. As an alternative, just squirt a bit of lemon or lime juice into the oats before cooking. Viola, low pH water.

    61. Love this “EASY OVERNIGHT STEEL CUT OATS” this one seems delicious and amazing. There is black berry type fruit in this , in our locals its called baidu (uttarakhand , india – pahadi language ). Love this one. Will love to try this .

    62. These Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats seems amazing , thanks for sharing this one with us, will love to try this one. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

    63. Thank you, thank, you, thank you! Fantastic recipe. The oatmeal was chewy which is uncommon among gluten free oatmeal products, likely due to preparation methods. Using 4 cups of water was perfect with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free steel cut oats. It looks like a lot when you pop the lid on the pot for the night but the next day and the following days, the added hydration keeps it consistently chewy over the following 2-3 days.

      1. Hi Alina,

        Yay! I’m so glad you loved it, and the consistency as well. Thanks so much for commenting too, as it helps :). xoxo, Jackie

    64. Oats are always first priority in term of healthy and safe meal. This Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats seems amazing and unique, can’t wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

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