carrot, grapefruit and ginger juice – no juicer required
  • 2 large ripe grapefruits, peeled, pith removed and broken up into sections - You want large, ripe grapefruits that are juicy
  • 5 medium sized carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks
  • 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
  1. If you have a juicer, go ahead and juice away as you normally would. If you don't have a juicer, then all you need is a good quality blender and a jelly strainer bag (see my blog post for photos and info on bags).
  2. Ok, lets get started! Peel your two grapefruits and get rid of as much of the pith as you can. Wash, peel and chop your carrots into small chunks and peel your 1-inch piece of ginger. To peel ginger, just take a spoon and gently scrape off the skin from top to bottom. The skin is thin, so minimal effort is required.
  3. Once all of your ingredients are prepped, it's time to throw them into the blender or juicer.
  4. Throw the grapefruit into your blender first, then add in the carrots and ginger.
  5. Puree the grapefruit, carrots and ginger until smooth.
  6. Take your jelly bag and wrap it over a large measuring cup or bowl.
  7. Pour your juice into the jelly bag.
  8. Don’t worry if your bag slides off the bowl, you just want to make sure that your juice goes in the bag. You can aways hold it open with one hand while pouring with your other hand.
  9. Once all the juice is poured into the bag, remove the bag from the measuring cup or bowl and gently twist the top of the bag closed. Slowly twist the bag so the juice escapes. Keep twisting and squeezing the bag until all of the juice is released.
  10. Pour the juice into a glass, and drink immediately or refrigerate it for a bit, as it will be a bit warm. I was anxious to drink my juice, so I threw it in the freezer for a few minutes to cool. It’s recommended that you drink the juice the day you make it.
Recipe by Marin Mama Cooks at