Eli’s Birthday Celebration!

Eli's birthday cake

I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and writing a post on Friday morning of all days.  It’s not like I don’t have 100 other more important things to do, but I was going through photos from Eli’s birthday yesterday and thought I would throw it all together in a quick recap post.

So Happy Friday to you all, and I hope you enjoy this recap of Eli’s special day!

Each year for his birthday, Eli gets to pick out one sugar cereal to enjoy and consume over the next week or so, till its gone (it doesn’t last past 5 days).  Last year he picked Lucky Charms and the year before that, frosted flakes.

Look at that happy little guy!

Eli holding box of Lucky Charms

This year he picked a cereal I have never heard of before called Krave.  Apparently he saw the commercial and was hooked.  All he kept saying all week was, “Krave, Krave, Yum, Yum.”  He of course, chose the double chocolate crave.  Here he is proudly holding his box.

Thumbs up for cereal

Here’s Eli enjoying his first bowl.  He liked it, but thought the milk was gross.

“Krave, krave, yum, yum, but milk is yuck, yuck.”

Eli enjoying bowl of cereal

Here’s the cake I made Eli. It’s my chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  I realize I need to make this cake again on a sunny day and update the photos, as the frosting looks yellow in the photos, and it’s not a yellow frosting. So, that being said, Yvonne, Cathie & Debbie, I’m baking this cake again on a sunny day and splitting it between the 3 of you, so get ready!

You all have been asking for a slice, so your wish is being granted.

Aren’t I a nice friend?

Eli likes a Halloween themed cake every year, you know, because his birthday is in October and all.

Here’s this year’s cake.

Eli's birthday cake

Here’s last years cake. I love that the spider is melting and Darth Vader is attacking the marshmallow ghost.

Family looking at cake

This is the pose he took for me with the cake.

Eli with his birthday cake

This is the way he really wanted to pose with his cake.


Eli with his birthday cake

As you know, when it’s your birthday in the Grandy house, you get to choose your birthday dinner.  Eli chose; green bean and shallot ravioli, garlic bread and blood orange Italian soda.  My friends and family were very surprised at his choice, but he loves that ravioli dish and ate each and every bite.  It was raining and very fall-like, so we had our first fire in the fireplace!

It was super cozy!

Eli enjoying his birthday meal

Eli wanted a picture next to all his presents.  The birthday presents are always the centerpiece of the birthday table.

BTW, those presents were not all from us; they were from extended family as well.

Eli with his birthday presents

Here’s the birthday cake lit up!  Not so scary with the colorful girly candles!

Birthday cake with candles lit

I love this photo because Eli’s all blurred in the background checking things out.

Lighting the birthday candles

Here’s Eli anxiously waiting to blow out those candles.

Eli ready to blow out candles

At last, the cake!  The room was eerily quiet until the cake was consumed.

Eli eating cake

Eli eating cake

Eli eating cake

Happy birthday Eli!

Remember, eight is great!

With love Jackie
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11 thoughts on “Eli’s Birthday Celebration!”

  1. Lovely post and I think I’d pick Krave too! Lol that I almost bought it last week in the groc store b/c it was on sale dirt cheap and b/c it wasn’t really ‘that’ much worse than a so-called ‘healthy’ cereal. But that’s a whole other topic 🙂 Your cake looks gorgeous and I love that you have a tradition of making THAT cake for bdays! And your cereal tradition is cute 🙂

    1. Ha! That is totally another topic. I don’t know if the so called “healthier” cereals that I buy the kids such as honey nut cheerios, are really that healthy. I try and balance their morning cereal with some fried egg whites.
      The cereal tradition is one of Eli’s favorite parts of his birthday. He actually starts scouting the cereal isles months before his birthday.

    1. Hi Jenni! I miss you as well. I love hearing how you’re all getting along in Costa Rica via facebook. Whenever I see a blue minivan coming out of your neighborhood, I think of you! Thanks for the birthday shout out!

    1. Thanks Mindy! I actually picked those up at Pier Deux 10 years ago, as they match my dinning room chair fabric perfectly. Unfortunately, Pier Duex is out of business. I have seen similar placemats at Pottery Barn as well as local home and kitchen stores. The company that manufactured the placemats for Pier Duex is Lady Clare. You can still find her designs all over the web. They are the best placemats because you just wipe them clean.

      Best of luck!
      jackie 😉

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