Got Leftover Spaghetti? Check this out…

Eli and Zoe enjoying leftover spaghetti

This post is quick and there are no fancy or staged photographs, but I just had to post it as my friends are always asking what I do with all the leftovers I have. Well, here is one great idea that I just felt compelled to share with you all NOW!

I had tons of leftover spaghetti & meatballs sitting in my fridge that I was planning on pawning it off on the kids for lunch today.  I was just going to heat it up in the microwave or the via the stovetop, BORING!   I then saw this post on Yummy Mummy this morning and got inspired.  This is such a quick and fun way to serve up boring leftovers.

Here are the easy-peasey steps below!

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Take your leftover spaghetti and put it into a ramekin of choice.  Zoe chose the larger and Eli chose the smaller one.  Top each with some mozzarella cheese.

Leftover spaghetti in ramikins

Bake in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes or so.

You end up with pasta resembling this below.

The spaghetti gets all crispy on top and the mozzarella cheese melts into the pasta.


Finished baked leftover spaghetti

Thumbs up from Zoe on leftover spaghetti

The verdict?

My kids loved the spaghetti this way and were begging me to make it again tomorrow.

SUCCESS in the Grandy house!

Gotta love that!
Happy weekend everyone!

With love Jackie

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7 thoughts on “Got Leftover Spaghetti? Check this out…”

  1. Wahooo!! Thats like a super quick and easy lasagne! AND that would totally be a pasta I could love. My issue with pasta is all around finding the texture a bit too slimy… I love lasagne, crispy macaroni cheese and fried tortellini (I know). Louis loves pasta of all kinds – hence my determination to make the sausage and fennel for us, as a treat – but I will definitely be doing this, should we have any leftovers!

    That non-staged photo is super cute!! ALSO – good wokr getting that fruit on the table! 🙂

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