Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Marin Mama Cooks

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m wishing you all of the above for 2013.  This is the year for all of us, I can feel it.  It’s a year of light and a break from all the shadows of the past.  Its time to re-invent, turn your dreams into reality, and to let go of the past and things that hold you back. Basically, its time to just GO FOR IT! Go after what you desire!  The best way to figure out what you want is to get out and play!  When we play, we get grounded and get centered in the moment, and our imaginations unleash.  Our imaginations lead us to what our true desires and dreams are.  So make room for more play in 2013!

Did you all have a great holiday?  We had a wonderful one!  We got up and opened our stockings and presents and then had our traditional Christmas brunch.  John made up his famous english muffin, ham and egg sandwiches, he squeezed us up some fresh orange juice and I made our favorite sugar-crusted popovers.  Seriously, have you made these yet?  They’re the best!  They’re crunchy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. These are my kid’s favorite breakfast treat.  They beat out pancakes, french toast and waffles any day.

Sugar crusted popovers

I received some great items for Christmas.  Zoe gave me the new Barefoot Contessa foolproof cookbook.  I’ve already made her cinnamon sugar donuts twice, and the kids love them. They’re not as great as our local donut shop, Donut Alley, but for homemade baked donuts, they rock!  I will post the recipe soon.  Eli surprised me with some new oven mitts.  I definitely needed another pair of those, as all of my other ones are virtually trashed.  John and the kids picked up something that I have had my eye on for sometime, a new green Le Creuset Dutch oven.  I am so in love with that pan.  I have already made a great new tomato sauce (recipe next week) in it as well as my carrot ginger soup.  I love the color (green is one of my favorite colors) and I love the fact that I can bring the pot into the dining room and have everyone serve themselves at the table.  Santa also supplied me with more measuring spoons, measuring cups, (can’t have enough of those) 2 white aprons and Matt Armendariz’s new book, Food Photography for Bloggers.   So yes, Christmas was great for me this year.

Cookbook and dutch oven

I wanted to show you all this all these amazing salted caramel and white chocolate chip cookies that I received in the mail from my blogger friend Jessica, at Kitchen Belleicious. Jessica is my twin, seriously.  We both have so much in common that it’s a bit scary.  Jessica is one of those people that I instantly connected with.  She’s super approachable, down to earth and just full of amazing energy.  Jessica has not one or two blogs, but three blogs, Kitchen BelleiciousBelleicious Kids, and Belleicious Baby.  I know, she’s an overachiever, right?  She designed all the blogs by herself, so on top of being an amazing cook and blogger, she is also an HTML goddess.  You go Jessica!  Anyway, Jessica invited me to join BeBetsy’s Pass the Plate program, which is a program that helps support the fight against breast cancer by “passing” a plate of cookies from blogger to blogger. The Pass the Plate program is inspired by Kitchenaide’s Cook for the Cure and each time a plate is passed Kitchenaide will donate $5.00 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Isn’t that the most wonderful idea?  It’s a great way for bloggers to connect with one another while helping out a great cause.  Here’s a photo of Jessica’s cookies along with the plate that is passed around from one blogger to another.  I had to throw in a picture of her adorable family as well.

Cookies on plate

The plate is designed exclusively for this program by Jacques Pepin (we all know who he is right?).  It’s a simple but beautiful plate and I’m excited to pass this plate along with our favorite brownies, Robert’s Absolute best brownies, to my blogger friend, Sharon at Lilikoi Joy.  I’m sending her the brownies because I want to send something that will hopefully travel well and stay fresh.

Roberts absolute best brownie

Sharon is another blogger that I recently met that I clicked with instantly as well. I really want to nickname her Joy because she just literally radiates joy.  She has such a sparkling, creative and friendly personality, and it shows on her blog.  She’s one of those people that would just open up her house to you and make you feel instantly at home, and like you’ve known her forever.  I really am grateful for all of the blogging friends and readers that I have met in 2012, and I can’t wait to meet more of you in 2013.  I really love the community that blogging brings, and I hope to someday meet up with some of my blogging buddies and readers, just like I did with my friend Em, at wine and butter.  Em and I are forever friends and she feels like a sister to me!  Miss you Em!

Family toasting cheers

I’m sending out a big hug and cheers to you all today!  I’m truly grateful for all of you that read my little blog and occasionally make a recipe or two. You all inspire me with your kind words and comments to keep blogging. Have a great rest of the week and I’ll be back on Sunday with my with my weekly menu post as well as back to my normal posting schedule.

With love Jackie
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15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year and I was able to sift thru my December mail and thanks for thinking of me! Good to know about those donuts. Baked at home can never compete with fried from a donut shop but that’s excellent they come close! Fab brownies, too – I need to try that recipe in 2013!

    1. Hi Averie. Yes, you have to try the brownies and I’m sure that you will tweak them and make them even better 🙂

  2. Oh you are too sweet! If only we lived closer to each other! The “photo” looks perfect-seriously and I am in love with your new pot! Get this- I have the same one but in blue- I am thinking mommy needs a green one now huh? Valentines Day anyone? The popovers sound delish and so do those brownies! Thanks for joining in on the pass the plate even with all the stuff I know you had going on! You know how I feel about blogging and family so I appreciate it more than you know that you said yes to doing it! Love ya to pieces!

    P.S. YOU LOOK KILLER AMAZING IN THAT LAST PIC! oh and I am posting via twitter bc for some reason it wont let me do wp login?

    1. Hey girl! I know, I wished we lived closer, it would be so much fun!!! I’m glad you approve of the cookie photo with your cute Christmas card included 🙂 I just had to throw it in there. No worries on the pass the plate thing, I loved receiving your cookies and I’m excited to make my brownies for Sharon. I don’t know what you mean about not being able to post via twitter? Just click on my share button on the bottom and that should work. If not, no worries 😉 Thanks for the sweet compliment re: photo! Love ya!

  3. Happy New Year, Jackie! Thank you for the kind words. I feel the same about you and so glad we have connected. I can’t wait to get that plate of brownies and participate in such a worthy cause!

    Looks like you scored for Christmas! I love your new dutch oven, that will be well used and well loved for years to come! Green is also one of my favorite colors because it reminds me of being outdoors. That is one of my other goals in 2013 is to spend even more time outdoors. I love your family pic, you look beautiful and content surrounded by family. Looking forward to all your fabulous posts in 2013 and being inspired by you! xoxo, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon! I’m thinking the brownies will ship out early next week 🙂 I hope they hold out well and stay fresh. Green and fushia pink are my top two colors. I love the vibrance and happiness of them both. I have the same goal as you, to get out and hike more and just be in nature. I’m also going to try and grow some things in my backyard such as kale, heirloom tomatoes and thyme. I use those ingredients all the time and it would be so great to be able to just go in the backyard and grab them when needed. I can’t wait to see more of your posts as well in 2013! xoxo, Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I love your beautiful and inspiring post! Your energy and enthusiasm comes through in your writing both in your posts and comments! I love that! I totally forgot about those sugar crusted popovers that I made after seeing them here…making them this week. Love all your new kitchen things…especially the green le creuset…green is the color of the year you know! Happy New Year!

    1. Oh Annie, you’re so darn sweet! I feel the same way about your blog and your writing. Every time I look at one of your posts I’m inspired to decorate or throw a party. You have such style that I want to copy everything on your blog 🙂 xoxo,Jackie

  5. oh I just love you – seriously!!! And total (long distance) sisters. I loved the first few paragraphs of this post too. Like I said, when we met I really feel like your kind of spiritual centredness is one of the most inspiring things about you and I love these little pass on messages. Especially in London, its so easy to get completely caught up in the kind of rat race.. which is fun in a way but it isnt every good for either the heart or soul. It’s nice to have your little blog (or big amazing blog!!) to keep me in my place! ALSO – Ive taken the leap and bought one of those fancy light things so hopefully (seriously HOPEFULLY) the old photo section on my blog should be improving shortly. winter sucks. I also heard this kind of saying or proverb the other day that – for some reason – made me totally think of you. It said that the key to happiness is having ‘something to do, something to love and something to dream about’. It resonated so much with me! Happy New Year my lovely – hope the new year brings us all love, joy and those amazing intentions realised!!! xoxo ps – totally jealous of your pan! we lost our (okay my moms!) le creouslet to the new tenants in our apartment and had to get the cheap ikea cast iron instead. They’re pretty good to be honest, but no LC … 🙂

    1. Oh Em! I love you as well and miss your sweet face! You need to move to Cali and start your cafe with Louis and get back in the Cali frame of mind. Make it happen girl! I love that proverb that you read. It’s so true. We all need to have passions and hope, it makes each day brighter and just more fun! Sorry about the pan 🙁 Hopefully they take good care of it so when you move back to your flat, you can be reunited with it! Glad you purchased the light, it’s going to make a world of difference with your photos. I can’t wait to check them out. Love you girl!

    1. Happy New Years to you as well Gina! Yes, we should meet up some time since we literally live 10 minutes away from one another. Lets make it happen soon! We can meet at Larkspur landing and go to Rustic Bakery.

  6. Thank you Jackie for your efforts and contribution to Cook for the Cure! Your brownies look scrumptious and we wish you lived next door to us! So happy to know you and read your inspiring blog. All the best! Sharon and Denise @BeBetsy.com

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