Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for August 24th

Marin Mama's weekly dinner menu - August 24th

Sorry I’m a bit late (oops, it’s 10:00 on Sunday evening) in my posting of the weekly menu today, but we were awakened at 3:30 in the morning by an earthquake, and needless to say we’re all a bit rattled over here.  The good news is that there wasn’t any damage and we’re all ok!  Whew!  I definitely don’t want to experience another one of those anytime soon.

So the kids and I took a mini vacation recently to Carmel Valley to visit our girlfriend Hilary and her family.  It was a wonderful mini vacation, and even though it was short, it totally re-charged my batteries.  The best part was that we all got to spend some quality time together, as we all bunkered down at Hilary’s casa for 4 fun-filled days!  Yep, hotel Hamilton is where we stayed, and the views and accommodations were amazing!  Thanks so much for having us Hilary. By the way,  I left a big tip for you in the guest room!  Eli was super psyched as he got to spend 4 days with his bestie, Sawyer.  These two boys have known each other since they can remember, and they are bonded like brothers.

Eli and Sawyer

Anyway, we ventured down the coast to Big Sur for the day and had to hit one of our favorite restaurants, Nepenthe!  I’ve seriously been craving their tofu burger ever since we visited there last year, and I have to say it was totally worth the trip just to eat that burger. Here’s Eli giving me a smile right before he devoured his burger.  The gentleman in the background doesn’t look to psyched to be in the photo, or maybe he just wasn’t a fan of his burger 😉

Eli enjoying a hamburger

I love this picture of the kids on the deck of the restaurant.  The burgers are amazing, but the view is even better.  It was a bit foggy, so I can’t really show you how majestic the views are, but trust me they’re truly breathtaking!  There’s just something so spiritual and calming about Big Sur. I mean look how happy and calm the kids look!

Eli and Zoe on deck overlooking beautiful mountains

and check out the views of the California coast we got to see along the way….

View of California coast

We also hit Earthbound Organic Farm for lunch one day, as I was told they had an amazing salad bar (no kale in sight, but that was ok).  The salad bar may be tiny, but it’s filled with the best of the best, and the beets were amazing, so sweet and cooked to perfection.  They were my favorite part of the salad, and I’m totally craving them now as I type up this post. Little Hadley is the perfect model to showcase the salad bar, don’t you think?  I mean how adorable is she with that HUGE carrot in her mouth, and yep, she ate the whole thing!  Go Hadley!!!

Hadley eating a huge carrot

The kids all enjoyed picking fresh raspberries from the bushes.  The had the traditional red raspberries which were amazing, but they also had these orange ones that tasted like mango. Super yum!

Girls picking raspberries

Hadley was a big fan of them, and Zoe was a big fan of feeding them to her!

Zoe feeding Hadley a raspberry

The farm is just one of those places where you can pack a picnic and spend the whole day exploring the grounds, picking berries and just hanging out.  I love this photo of Rafferty posing for me next to the flowers. She seriously has the best fashion style for a 7-year-old, and she’s super cute to boot!

Rafferty next to flower stand

All in all , it was a wonderful weekend, but the best part was what I found Sunday morning as we we’re leaving, five happy adorable kids playing sleepover in the trampoline.  Cutest photo ever!

Kids playing on trampoline

So let’s move onto this week’s menu, or should I say partial menu, as I’m not really going to do a lot of cooking this week.  🙂

Sunday night dinner

So I had planned on cooking up nice home cooked meal tonight, but Eli had a non-stop soccer tournament all weekend and by the time his game finished up, I was wiped and not in the mood to go home and rally up a Marin mama dinner.  We then decided to hit DJ’s for some take out, and it was the perfect call. Sometimes you just have to do take out!  Go DJ”s!!

Monday night dinner

Heirloom tomato soup and grilled cheese and roasted broccoli sandwiches. This is the perfect meatless Monday dinner!  Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup!  Yum!  We love this soup and I make tons of it this time of year, as heirloom tomatoes are not in season too long, so you gotta enjoy them while you can!  If you haven’t tried this soup yet, you have to. It’s totally kid and adult approved, and everyone that tries it says it tastes like there’s cream in it, but there’s no cream.  It’s all vegan!  Seriously, give it a try and let me know what you think!

Heirloom tomato soup

Grilled cheese with roasted broccoli

Tuesday night dinner

I’m off duty tonight as my girlfriends are taking me out for a belated birthday dinner at Farmshop!  Yippee!

Wednesday night dinner

Rosemary skillet chicken, rosemary and sea salt popovers and roasted broccoli. I’m also making up a batch of our favorite peanut butter and chocolate rice krispy bars!  Yes, we’re going a bit crazy on the rosemary tonight, but we’re big fans, and I have 8 rosemary bushes in the backyard, so why not!  We’re also having roasted broccoli for the second night in a row, but my kids and I are addicted, and it’s so easy to whip up, so there you have it!

Rosemary skillet chicken

Rosemary and sea salt popovers

Roasted broccoli

Peanut butter chocolate rice crispy bars

Thursday night dinner

Pasta night!  Spaghetti with cheesy broiled tomatoes and basil and easy garlic bread.  I’m taking full advantage of heirloom season and topping our pasta with them.  This pasta tastes like a pizza with the cheesy tomatoes.  Totally kid approved and loved!

Spaghetti with cheesy broiled tomatoes and basil

Garlic Bread slices on a cutting board

Friday night dinner

TGIF!  It’s Marin mama’s night off!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

With love Jackie
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13 thoughts on “Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for August 24th”

  1. I’ve seriously gotta try that roasted broccoli grilled cheese. Roasted broc is a personal fav in our house.. And I agree we eat it like candy. Ps I just realized I think I’m headed to ur neck of the woods. Hope the quakes are over.

    1. Yes, try it girl. It’s pure comfort food, but you feel less guilty because there’s a veggie in there!
      Are you seriously moving out to CA? Northern or Southern CA? Please let me know!!
      xoxo, Jacquelyn

  2. Gloria Monacelli

    Glad to hear you are all ok! We were away for the weekend in Long Island when I heard the news…you were the first I thought of! I’m sure it’s very scary. I hope it didn’t freak the kids out too much.

    1. Thanks Gloria! You’re so sweet to think of me and I’m super touched! It was a long one, but as it was happening, I stayed calm because I sort of had a feeling that all was going to be ok. It was difficult to fall asleep after, so we all we’re all dragging our feet yesterday! 🙂 xoxo, Jacquelyn

  3. MeMe, my MaltiPoo and I will travel to Carmel in less than a month for Poodle Day V. She just turned 7 and this will be her 11th visit to Carmel. We love the area! Nepenthe is always on our list of day trips. We spend lots of time in the Valley hiking and eating! So magical!

    1. Hi Laura! I’ve been salivating over all of the grilled cheese combinations you’ve been taunting me with on my Facebook page! So awesome that you’re heading down to Carmel in a month. September and October are the BEST months there, as there is no fog and the weather is warmer. I may head down again in late Sept as well. So fun that you aren MeMe celebrate Poodle Day in Carmel!
      The hiking there is spectacular, especially along the coast. I am always amazed at how gorgeous the coast line is, and I love those Cypress trees. Have a great trip! xoxo, Jacquelyn

      1. I prefer Carmel in July due to the fog. Love fog, not a sun person. Just made the Tomato Soup. I used Basil, Oregano and Rosemary. Also added cooked Orzo and homemade Croutons with Rosemary. So Yummy!

  4. Hey Jackie! I’m so glad you guys are okay! I’ve been thinking about everyone I know in that area.

    It looks like you and the kids had a great time in Carmel. It’s so pretty there and I love Big Sur. Those look like real smiles on their faces, not forced-you’re-taking-my-picture-again smiles 🙂 I especially love the one of Zoe feeding Hadley 🙂

    And that garlic bread looks super good!

  5. I’m so glad you are all safe!! I can’t tell you how glad I am when your weekly menu or any post for that matter shows up in my email!! I also love the photos from your trip – your children are beautiful and you can tell by looking at them that they are good souls – good job mom!!

    Have a great holiday weekend!!


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