Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for January 6th

Marin Mama's weekly dinner menu - January 6th

Have you all gotten your New Year’s resolutions in place?  Have you started any or broken any yet?  I’m not doing the typical resolutions like eating healthy and exercising more, because I really try to do that year round.  I also let myself enjoy my vacations, and if I happen to eat a bit more and workout a bit less, then so be it.  I know that I can work it all off after vacation.  Life is about moderation and enjoyment, and if we get so caught up with worrying about what were eating or not doing, then we’re not really having fun in that moment, and what a bummer that is, right? 2013 is about letting go and living.  So let it go, let go of the guilt and worry and know that all is going to be OK, really!

Speaking of letting things go, this is the time of year when I go through the house and clean out! I clean out the cupboards, pantry, closets and basically wipe down the entire house. I want everything to be cleansed and fresh for the new year.  It’s really the perfect time of year to do such boring work because it’s all rainy and cold out.  I’m sure your all feeling the same way, so I thought I would share with you these helpful links that I found from Food 52.  They have a whole series on whipping your kitchen back in shape.  This post on how to organize your pantry is super helpful.  I also love these two posts on where you should store items in your kitchen such as, what items to store on your counter and in your pantry and what items you to store in your freezer and fridge.

I’m easing back into the weekly routine this week, so our menu is composed of things that I can pretty much make ahead of time.  I’m making the butternut squash soup today for Monday’s dinner as well as making the chicken enchiladas up Tuesday morning.  I’m also saving time by roasting up the chicken for the enchiladas Monday night while we’re eating dinner.  I find that prepping and making things ahead of time help during the busy after school hours.

Sunday night dinner

I have the night off!  Yaay!  My brother-in-law is in town, so were heading over to one of our favorite family restaurants, DJ’s for some Chinese.  It’s a great way to end a wonderful vacation and kickstart a busy back to school and reality week.

Monday night dinner

Meatless Monday!  Rustic Bakery’s roasted butternut squash soup and whole-grain skillet corn bread.

Butternut squash soup

Whole grain skillet corn bread

Tuesday night dinner

Chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce and lacinato kale salad.

Enchilada with pumpkin sauce

Kale Salad

Wednesday night dinner

Leftover night!  Chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce and broccoli rabe.

Thursday night dinner

Cheesy baked tortellini & homemade marinara sauce and broccoli.

Cheesy baked tortellini

Friday night dinner

Deep-dish pepperoni pizza & kid friendly caesar salad.

Deep dish pepperoni pizza

Kid Friendly caesar salad

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I will post this easy homemade tomato sauce.  This sauce is really simple but tastes hearty like a tomato sauce should.  It’s the perfect sauce to top a pizza, pair with meatballs, top over gnocchi, spaghetti squash or your favorite pasta or use in a lasagna. I’m using it this week when I make my cheesy baked tortellini.

Easy homemade tomato sauce

With love Jackie
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7 thoughts on “Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for January 6th”

  1. Good morning Jackie! I love your picture this week with your new pot. I love that color! 🙂 I agree with your attitude towards resolutions and making things year round rather than just thinking of them at the beginning of the year. Moderation is key as you say! It’s funny when I look at my pinterest board of foods – it’s mostly healthy in the savory department except maybe a few things, but boy, I love my dessert boards too! If we can strike a balance that works for us, keeps us healthy but allows us to enjoy some indulgences too, then we’re doing pretty good.
    I too feel the need to organize and re-fresh at the beginning of the year for the same reason as you – we’re stuck inside a lot! I appreciate the pantry tips too. A couple years ago I reorganized mine with some new containers but I find living with two guys that it slowly creeps back to the messiness, so that is one of the things I’d like to do too is get that de-cluttered.
    The weekly menu looks great again! I’m pinning so much of it. I’m kind of like a pinning stalker with your stuff! LOL!
    Hope you enjoy your night off tonight. It’s Seahawks mania around here so we are looking forward to watching the game and I hope to just putter around the house in between that. I’ve got my Seahawks t-shirt on and yoga pants so I’m in full loungin around the house mode. 🙂 Have a great week! xoxo, Sharon

      1. Hi Sharon! Ok, we have to try and meet up this year, I think we would instantly connect, have a blast and talk non-stop! Seriously! I love that you wrote a novel, I sometimes get carried away with my comments, but I like to talk, so I guess it’s apparent when I’m leaving a comment sometimes.
        I always get organized and find that within 6 months, it all gets disheveled as well. I get lazy and my family gets lazy and then I have to clean out and reorganize again! Oh well! It always feels good for at least a month when everything is in order though! I have some great dessert boards as well and I really need to go through them and make some of the things I pinned!
        Go Seahawks! I hope they do well! I’m still in my jammies @ 10:00 if that makes you feel better and I skipped the gym this morning. Oh yeah! Great way to start the new year!

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Your week looks delicious! I love that most of these meals can be made ahead of time. I’m looking forward to seeing your recipe for tomato sauce…does it include butter and an onion? I agree…after the holidays and cold weather is the perfect time to clean the pantry….I’m going to check out that article. Oh…and love your header this week featuring your green pot. Love that!!

    1. Thanks Annie. I’m glad you liked the cover shot. I actually got lazy and just threw that together last minute, but I liked the way it turned out as well. The sauces uses 1 cup of a yellow onion but no butter. This sauce feeds a crowd, makes 6 cups, so you can use it for so many meals. It’s so simple to throw together as well.xoxo,Jackie

  3. Hi Jackie! I love this weekly menu and I hope that you continue on with it. I follow it pretty much every week, and it makes my life easier. My kids are hooked on all your salads (who would have thought they would be eating kale). I love your soups as well and have made every one of them. I especially love the ease of your cauliflower soup. It’s my go-to soup. Keep the recipes coming and I can’t wait to see the tomato sauce recipe. I only wish you would post more recipes, but I get it you’re a busy mom 🙂 Kerry

    1. Hi Kerry! I’m so happy about everything you wrote in the above comment. I really love hearing feedback and what people like etc. You made me so happy that I posted my tomato sauce recipe a day early! I hope you make it and enjoy it. Also, thanks for the feedback regarding the weekly menu. I still sometimes wonder if people like it and if it works, so thanks for letting me know that you enjoy it. Have a great night! xoxo, Jackie

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