Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for March 17th

Marin Mama's weekly dinner menu - March 17th

Mary, if you’re reading this post then you will see that I visited your favorite bakery this weekend. We stopped in after lunch to pick up some cupcakes for dinner. I also decided to purchase their cookbook along with this cute little cake pan (see bowl below) that they use to bake their tiny cakes in. Isn’t that the weirdest pan you have ever seen? It looks like a metal camping bowl. I can’t wait to make a cake in it as it’s just too cute and I’m also really curious to see how a cake turns out in it. You know what I discovered about the owner, Meg Ray, while perusing this book?  I found out that she’s a self-taught baker. Isn’t that inspiring? She has 4 successful bakeries and she didn’t even go to culinary school. She just loved to bake and came up with a concept and just went for it. I really admire her and it gives me hope and inspiration to just follow your dreams.  You don’t have to have a culinary degree to be a great cook, or an interior design degree to be a great designer, (hint, hint, Sharon and Annie) some people just have a natural innate talent.  Anyway, if you’re ever in the SF bay area, check out one of Miette’s bakeries.  If you can’t check out one of their bakeries, then check out their cookbook, Miette.


Zoe had a jazz band concert Saturday at the Marin Country Mart, so we decided to stick around for lunch after. On Saturdays, the mart has an amazing farmers market with some of the best produce ever, as well some amazing food vendors.  I had this vegan veggie burger called the Larksburger. You can see the description below as well as a photo of the burger. I was deciding between the burger and the korma tacos, as they looked very enticing as well.

Vegan food menu

The burger was great, but it truly didn’t need that huge bun, so I got rid of the burger top and just ate the bottom half of the burger.  The kids and John shared these buckwheat crepes filled with cheese, ham, tomatoes and pesto.  Oh my, they were amazing and I’m so going to replicate the one Zoe ate at home.

Vegan burger

It’s truly been feeling like spring in our neck of the woods, especially since it’s light out till 7:00, and that means it’s time to put away the soup and casserole recipes and break out our favorite spring-time meals. I really love the change of seasons when it comes to eating, because just as you’re getting sick of heavy winter fare, spring arrives, and the backyard grill is open for service.

Sunday night dinner

Cilantro lime chicken tacos with mango avocado salsa and lacinato kale salad.  Mangos are tasting amazing right now, so I’m excited to whip up these tacos along with some mango avocado salsa. I’m also happy that it’s lighter out because John won’t have to grill up the chicken up in the dark.

Cilantro lime chicken taco

Kale Salad

Monday night dinner

I’m trying a new veggie burger here, like a true veggie burger that requires a bun, and I’m hoping the troops like it.  I will be pairing these burgers with some roasted asparagus.  If you’re craving a veggie burger, then try my chickpea veggie burgers.  They’re amazing, and what’s cool about these burgers is that the burger is the bun, you stuff all your condiments and greens inside the burger. Pretty cool I must say!

Chickpea veggie burger


Tuesday night dinner

Leftover night!  I’m using the leftover chicken from Sunday and making chicken quesadillas.  Tuesday is our crazy night and everyone eats at different times, so quesadillas are super easy to make on the fly.  I will serve these up with some leftover kale salad and some cut up veggies like carrots, cucumbers and red peppers.

Wednesday night dinner

Leaner spaghetti bolognese and kid friendly caesar salad.  It looks like we might get some rain, so it’s a perfect night for some comfort cooking. I love this bolognese because it’s a two-nighter meal and tastes great as leftovers. What makes it lean? I use buffalo meat in lieu of pork and ground beef.

Leaner spaghetti bolognese

Kid Friendly caesar salad

Thursday night dinner

Leftover night!  Take a look at Wednesday’s dinner and that is what we’re having tonight!  I love two-nighter meals!

Friday night dinner

I’m so excited because my brother-in-law and his kids are visiting from MN. I’m not sure where we’re going yet for dinner, but it’s truly their choice!

Stay tuned this week, as I’m going to be posting this simple egg salad recipe!  It’s kid approved and uses yogurt in place of mayonnaise.

Egg salad sandwith

Have a blissful week!

With love Jackie
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17 thoughts on “Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for March 17th”

  1. that whole menu sounds good from the market – and your weekly menu too of course. I am making your lacinato kale salad this week…and coincidentally i have been craving egg salad so I can not wait to see your recipe and photos!!!! i am hoping for no more rain or snow here…i need spring stat! have a wonderful day.

    1. Ohh! Let me know what you think of the kale salad when you make it Angela! I hope the snow and rain dissipates for you as well. I’m sending you some California sun and warm temps. xoxo, Jackie

  2. Gorgeous asparagus and I would love to be at a Marin market…how fun! I love it up there. As Ive always told you – just too cold! It’s light out late here too, but still chilly! And Miette. No words. Would love to go there one day!

    1. Ok, if it’s warm here, like 75 degrees then it has to be warmer down there. There are so many microclimates here that when people see the national forecast, it’s only showing temps for the city of SF and that is always at least 10-15 degrees colder than where I reside. Once you cross over the bridge and past Sausalito, the temps warm up. I think you could handle it girl! 🙂

  3. Imagine my surprise!!!! How wonderful to visit the bakery. I think the fact that, as you pointed out, she is self taught is such an inspiration – just great imagination and drive! The rest of the meals look FABULOUS – how I love asparagus!! thanks so much for such a lovely post!
    Mary x

    1. Hi Mary! Coincidentally we happened to be eating lunch right in front of the bakery and after reading your rave review on the cookbook, I decided to purchase one. Zoe and I have ear marked many pages and plan on making many recipes together this summer. xoxo, Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie! We LOVE Meg/Miette – she makes amazing treats!!

    We made two of your meals in one week, the first being the chickpea veggie burgers…with the avocado….with the tzatziki sauce – Oh My! They were fabulous and I had leftovers for several lunches.

    The other was the Broccoli Lemon Pasta – absolutely wonderful – in fact we are having it again tonight! I’ve come to the conclusion we have a similar food palate… 😉

  5. Hi Cheryl, how I truly love your comments on the blog and your shout outs on twitter. Yes, I truly think we have to same food palates because you have sampled some of my favorite recipes on the blog and they have become favorites of yours as well. I love that broccoli pasta and I added broccoli rabe last time in lieu of broccoli and it was so tasty. I actually threw the broccoli rabe in the last minute of the pasta’s cooking time and then drained it with the pasta. It was truly a one-pot meal. I’m hoping that these new veggie burgers are good! Fingers crossed! BTW, have you tried anything else from the True Food’s cookbook? Have a great Monday! xoxo, Jackie

    1. I haven’t tried anything else from the TF cookbook as of yet but I have many recipes bookmarked. If you ever come to Phoenix I would love to take you to one of the TF restaurants! Everything I’ve had off of the menu was Yum! Maybe the recipes don’t translate well for the home cook? Have a fabulous week!

      1. Hi Cheryl. You may be right. Maybe the recipes just don’t work in the home cooks’s kitchen. I would love to try one of his restaurants though, even better have lunch with you at one of them 🙂 I’m still going to give another recipe or two a try!

  6. Good morning, Jackie! I loved reading this and so inspired by the part about Meg Ray, and thank you for the little shout out while reading that. I so appreciate your encouragement and support my friend!! I want to read more about Miette – those cupcakes look beautiful and I also want to see what you’re going to bake in that pan! Hope you had a nice weekend – we went to my parents house for their traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner. I’m not a huge fan of corned beef, it’s so salty to me, but it’s sweet that they do it every year since my dad is part Irish.
    I love the changing of seasons too and the idea of seasonal food – it’s time to bring in the lighter fare! 🙂
    The dresser is almost done – just waiting for the replacements for the little locks and finishing up the handles – hopefully I’ll have that posted by end of week. 🙂 I’ll talk to to you again soon. Can’t wait for the veggie burgers recipe! xoxo, Sharon

    1. Happy Monday my Seattle friend! I can’t wait for that dresser post. I love what you’re doing with it so far. Corn beef is not one of my favorite dishes either, but sometimes you just gotta keep up with those family traditions and suck it up, right? We don’t really celebrate St. Patties day. I use to in college, but didn’t everyone? We would get up at 6:00, head down to Newport, RI and we would be drinking by 8:00 a.m. Yuck! So glad I’m over that phase.
      The family loved the tacos last night because we haven’t had them since summer, so it was a nice spring-time treat. Have a great week girl! xoxo, Jackie

  7. oh girl you sold me on that cookbook. It looks fun and cute and delicious and something i would love to read through in a matter of minutes! LOL! The hella vegan menu is hilarious and sounds delicious. Hope you have a wonderful week. I am having a busy one but its full of love so its all good:)

  8. Jackie,
    Your photos are so amazing! Not only are you an amazing cook and baker, but a great photographer and food stylist too! I can’t wait for your egg salad recipe with yogurt. Next time I’m in the SF Bay area, I do hope we can meet at Miette! Great story!

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