Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for October 7th

Marin Mama's weekly dinner men - October 7th

This is an extra special week in the Grandy house as Eli turns 8 this Thursday!

Eli crouching

Eli standing

Happy Birthday Eli!

Isn’t he just the cutest little guy? John has the perfect birthday party planned for him and his buddies. The boys and their dads are going to tour Alcatraz.  Yes, the boys are going to prison!  It’s the perfect party for a bunch of 8-year-old boys (and 8-year-old dads at heart).  I love the idea because I don’t have to go, (it’s a father and son kind of party) and I didn’t have to plan or organize anything. John handled it all from the invitations to the favors.  My hubby rocks!  The boys and dads are ecstatic!  Men and boys, it really doesn’t take much to make them happy.  Am I right, ladies?

I had one heck of a week, as I got my first real cooking scar.  I burned my forearm when I was browning some butter.  I wanted to test how long I could brown it before it turned.  Well, I found out that you shouldn’t brown it past 3 minutes, at least on my stove. The butter popped and burst, and I got a big splash on my forearm resulting in a not so pretty burn.  Luckily, I’m tough and worked through the pain. It actually looks worse than it is.  I guess I should put some vitamin E on it or else I’m going to have this big ugly scar on my forearm for the rest of my life.

I’m in a bit of a brain fog this morning as I’m writing this post. We were out pretty late last night celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday, (Happy Birthday Heather) and I should be in bed sleeping right now, but I can’t sleep.  My body woke up raring to go at 5:30 this morning. Don’t you hate it when you plan on sleeping in and you just can’t?  Both kids are at sleepovers so you would think that I would be taking advantage of this free time and lounging in bed, but I have way too much energy to do that. I know this energy spark is going to fizzle out this afternoon and I’m going to have to take a nap.

Zoe and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful and sweet comments you left on her chocolate mousse post.  She was beyond thrilled and they really meant a lot to her, so thanks for taking the time to comment.

So lets move onto this week’s menu.


Turkey burgers with cilantro lime mayonnaise and kale slaw & roasted cauliflower

Turkey burger

Roasted cauliflower


Roasted red pepper and tomato soup and naan bread

Roasted red pepper and tomato soup


 cilantro lime tacos with mango avocado salsa & green beans.


Leftovers of cilantro lime tacos with mango avocado salsa, sliced red pepper and carrots.

Cilantro lime chicken taco


It’s Eli’s birthday!  Yippee!  We’re skipping Eli’s soccer practice and having a normal family dinner!  No crazy takeout Thursday for us!  On your birthday in the Grandy house, you get to request your favorite entree.  Eli requested this green bean and shallot ravioli. It’s one of his favorite dinners and I love it because its super easy to whip up and healthy!  Go Eli!

Add ravioli and green beans to pan

I’m also making by request, our favorite chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  This cake is the official birthday cake of the Grandy house.

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting


Roasted red pepper and arugula whole-wheat pizza and miso caesar salad.

I roasted some extra red peppers when I made this soup, and now I’m using them to top this pizza. Red peppers are in season right now and are fabulous!

The caesar salad is just my miso dressing topped on some romaine lettuce, kale and radicchio.

Roasted red pepper and arugula whole wheat pizza

Stay tuned Wednesday, as I will be posting the recipe for these beauties below. Pumpkin muffins rolled in sugar and cinnamon.  They kind of resemble my sugar-crusted popovers.  These muffins were a hit and were gone, I mean like gone, in one day.  I made them and texted the below photo and words, “OMG, so good,” to my friend Amanda.  She immediately texted me back saying, “Send recipe, will make them now.”  She is the baker mama, so she immediately made them and will vouch that they were a huge hit in her house as well.

Pumpkin muffins

You will love how easy they are to make and they’re the perfect treat for any fall party!

Carrie, I think Jonathan is going to want some of these, as John was hyping them up to him last night.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

With love Jackie
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8 thoughts on “Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for October 7th”

  1. Happy Bday to Eli an that cake, yes, I know you guys love it so and glad you’re making it again!

    Your food is just calling my name…the soup (Nordstrom cafe soup story I told you and ive been thinking about your soup ever since), the pizza, the muffins!! Yes, can’t wait for that recipe!

  2. Hi Jacquelyn,

    Happy Birthday to Eli!

    I remember that you mentioned that you are thinking of baking Ina’s chocolate cake for Eli’s birthday. Are you going to bake this cake with cream cheese frosting or chocolate frosting? Both seems good to me… Yum!


  3. Happy Birthday Eli!!! And jackie – did you ever try it with coconut oil or did you decide against it? Although I also get that Elis birthday is probably not the best time for experimentation.. 😉 – Have a wonderful week! xo

    1. Hi Em! I haven’t tried it with coconut oil yet, as I’m scared it will change the flavor to much. I know, I’m a wimp.
      You’re right that it wouldn’t be a good time to experiment. Eli would not be excited if his chocolate cake tasted like coconuts!
      BTW, when are you going to post again?

  4. happy birthday to ELI! he is just so handsome and i don’t even have to know him personally to see that he is an outstanding young boy as well. Hope he has a great day and what a great week of meals. Wow, loving it all- especially the cake and the ravioli!

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