My Kid’s Favorite Weekday Dinner and Dessert

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Wondering what to make the family for dinner and dessert tonight?  Look no further, I’ve got you covered. No, I’m not offering to make you dinner tonight, sorry, but I have two great recipes to share with you.  These two recipes are kid and grownup approved and not just by my family, but my kid’s friends as well. I wish my blog had some sort of ticker symbol that I could click every time I made a recipe from here.  If it did, these two recipes would be in the double digits.

I’ll be honest with you, tonight I’m taking the night off from cooking.  It’s my lacrosse carpool night and by the time we get home, its to late to re-heat/make dinner plus I have a starving 7 year old by that point who I need to feed immediately!  I have also made dinner the past 6 nights and I think I deserve a break from cooking.  Tonight I want to sit down and be served and have myself a nice glass of wine (DJ’s pours the largest glasses of wine, I must say).

DJ’s here we come.

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Broccoli lemon pasta

Broccoli lemon pasta

Broccoli Lemon Pasta

This was the first pasta I introduced on my blog. It’s my go-to pasta because it’s super easy to make and it’s a one-bowl meal.  It’s also pretty healthy with all that broccoli stuffed into the dish (I do mean I stuff this dish with tons of broccoli, no skimping here).

This pasta is the dinner of choice at all sleepovers at the Grandy house.  You have to trust this is good if a bunch of 12 year olds are preferring a bowl of broccoli pasta to pizza!

What’s up with that?

Roberts absolute best brownie

Roberts absolute best brownie

Robert’s absolute best brownies

OK, lets move onto dessert!  That is everyone’s favorite part of the meal, right (at least in my house)?  I make sure to have a little something sweet every night for the family, as it’s nice to have a little treat at the end of the day.

These brownies are finger and plate licking good.  Yes, both my kids lick the plate after consuming these fudge-like brownies.  The top is crusty and the inside is rich, gooey (in a good way), and oh so chocolaty.

If you like chocolate and dessert, then you will love these brownies.

Do you have a favorite recipe from my blog that you make over and over (or have tried once)?
If so, give me a shout out and let me know!
I would love to hear from you.

With love Jackie
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6 thoughts on “My Kid’s Favorite Weekday Dinner and Dessert”

    1. Hi Mary! I served this up to Zoe the other night after lax practice and she was so happy. She devoured a whole bowl plus a tall glass of milk with her brownie as she was famished after practice.

  1. SO I read this and didnt get a chance to comment but you KNOW how I feel about your tomato soup!!! AND I’m SO looking forward to making your tacos this weekend AND trying your shrimp recipe AND your lemon chicken one, which is so on our hitlist. You are aware about my very first world problem of having too many recipes Im just dying to try right..?!

    Those brownies look SO good too! Oh and your skillet cookie is also on my hitlist.. only with sprouted flour!!

    1. If I was going to have you make one recipe from the list above, I would have you make the tacos as I know Louis would love it. The lemon chicken is wonderful but the tacos have so many flavor combinations with the cilantro lime yogurt and the cabbage slaw. Yum! Plus the tacos are perfect for this time of year whereas the chicken is more of a fall and winter dish.

    1. Hi Em! hmmm… my favorite dish, gosh I have so many that I love. I would shave to say my personal favorites are my chickpea burgers and my lactino kale salad. I make those two all the time and they just make me feel so good when I eat them.

      I also love my parsnip and carrot soup in the winter. Both of those soups are super easy to make and super tasty to eat.

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