Nordic Ware Popover Pan Giveaway

Nordic ware popover pan

Hi guys! Happy almost New Year! I hope you’re all enjoying this awesome holiday season! I’m in snowy Tahoe and craving one of those sugar-crusted popovers in the above photo. There’s something about skiing in the mountains all day that doesn’t make me feel so guilty about eating treats like sugar-crusted popovers and french fries! 😉

So most of you know that I’m a HUGE FAN of popovers! I mean I make them 2 times a week, if not more. I even have 5 popover recipes on my blog, plus an instructional video, so you could really say that I’m a bit obsessed with these quirky and tasty little guys!  If you haven’t made them yet, then you’re in for a treat!  Popovers are one of the easiest recipes to whip up, (trust me, watch my video to see how easy they are) and only require 5 simple ingredients.  Yes, you heard me right, 5 simple ingredients; eggs, milk, butter, salt and flour.  That’s it folks!

SO, since I love popovers so much, I decided to purchase one of my FAVORITE popover pans as a fun giveaway to get one of you started, and hopefully hooked on making these bad boys! My budget is a bit tight as I’m in school full-time, so I could only purchase one pan for the giveaway, but I just couldn’t resist it when I saw this cute little lonely pan sitting in the store. It looked at me and said, “please give me a home,” so that’s what I’m doing, I’m going to give this popover pan a new home to one of you!

This popover pan from Nordic Ware is the best. It may cost more than the normal popover pan, but it makes the perfect puffed up popover, and the bonus is that your popovers won’t stick to the pan. The pan is made of cast iron, so it cooks the popovers up evenly. I’ve had mine for 5 years now and I use it at least once a week, if not more, and it’s still looks brand new.

Popover pan

mixed popover batter

I’m doing this giveaway for FUN, because I really appreciate all of you who continue to read my blog and make my recipes, so I’m not going to ask any of you to follow me or like me on any form of social media. I’ve always been about growing this blog organically, so I’ve never been one to ask for followers or likes, as that seems slick to me!

All you have to do to get qualified for the giveaway is to leave your name and what you want to see from this blog in the new year. The new year is all about fresh beginnings, so I’m open to your ideas and suggestions! Just leave your ideas in a comment below the post.

I really want to hear what you all want to see more of on this blog?

  • Do you want more family/kid approved dinner recipes?
  • Do you want healthier family recipes?
  • Do you just want healthier recipes in general?
  • Do you want kitchen tips and tricks?
  • More videos?
  • Some basic”how-to” tutorials?
  • Nutritional info?

I love hearing from you all and I love hearing your feedback, suggestions and ideas, so please take a moment to let me know why you come to my blog and what you would like to see more of, or just see in general?  This is your time to speak up, so say hi and let me know!

In case I haven’t enticed you enough about how awesome popovers are, I’m going to show you some mouthwatering photos of 5 of my popover recipes, just to get you in the popover spirit!

Here’s our favorite classic popover recipe. This recipe only requires 5 simple ingredients! We pair these popovers with just about anything, as they go with just about anything!  My kids even love them for breakfast with some jam or Nutella inside. They also love them cold, as a snack for school.

Popovers cooling in pan

Popovers with rosemary

Sugar-crusted popovers! These are a sweeter version of the traditional popover. They’re a cross between cinnamon toast, a sugar and cinnamon donut and a popover. Make these for breakfast or brunch and your family will thank you!

Sugar crusted popovers

Try these rosemary and sea salt popovers. These are my kid’s new favorite savory popover! AMAZING!

Rosemary and sea salt popovers

We love serving these rosemary and sea salt popovers with rosemary skillet chicken.

Rosemary skillet chicken

Or a bowl of weeknight chicken soup.

Chicken soup on the table in a white bowl with a popover and spoon nearby.
We also love these lemon thyme popovers.

Lemon thyme popovers
Oranges are in season now, so why not make a batch of orange popovers?

Orange popovers

My popover video is also super helpful and shows you just how easy it is to whip up a batch of popovers.  Making a batch of popovers is literally a 35 minute process from start to finish!


I know most of you might be out of town, or just running around, so I’m going to give you all until Friday, January 8th to enter the giveaway. I’m also going to go “Old School” and have Eli draw the name from a bowl.  I will record him picking the name out of the bowl and post it on my Instagram account on Saturday, January 9th!  I will also announce the name of the winner on this blog on Saturday, January 9th as well!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

Eli and Zoe - Merry Christmas

My family

xoxo, Jacquelyn, Zoe and Eli

With love Jackie

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92 thoughts on “Nordic Ware Popover Pan Giveaway”

  1. In the new year, I’d love to see any new recipes- healthy, family friendly, you name it! I love every recipe I’ve ever made from your blog!

  2. I love your positive attitude and pics of your awesome kids… oh, and the great recipes too! I vote to keep up the recipes… and I hope I win!!

  3. Love your recipes. I would love to see more vegetarian recipes with emphasis on nutritional information. Also, tricks and suggestions for quick cooking, freeze and reuse. Thanks!

  4. First of all, love your blog and recipes… What I would like to see for 2016 is more nutritional information and recipes that give us alternatives for pasta, bread, flour, etc. (for us gluten free eaters). I practice clean eating, so anything that you can share that supports that lifestyle is greatly appreciated. Thanks for asking….

  5. I’m just so happy that you’re posting again, and I’m always inspired by the information you share with us, so whether it’s recipes, tips, videos, etc., I say keep it all coming in the New Year!

  6. Hi, Jackie! I’d love to see more vegan recipes (or easy substitutions for those non-vegan ingredients). Also – LOVE the tutorials. Thanks to you, I (and many of my friends) have made friends with kale. You are such an inspiration! Good luck with school. I love the fact that you’re including us in your journey!

  7. I Iove all the recipes and would like to see more weeknight, family-friendly, healthy meals to make for my family. Thanks for the chance to win the popover pan! Fun! Happy New Year!

  8. I would love to see more healthy recipes and more emails. I don’t feel like I get them often enough and I love your blog! Plus, I would LOVE this pan. I have wanted one so badly but haven’t been able to justify the cost to the hubby!

  9. Danielle Williams

    Hi Jacquelyn,

    Happy New Year! I really enjoy reading your blog. My family loves my interpretation of your recipes:) with that said, I would love it if you would try more desserts using SunButter. Both of my kids have tree nut and peanut allergies and I would love to have something different, easy and allergy friendly.

    Thank you!

    Danielle Williams

  10. Hi! Happy early New Year.
    I think I read in a past post that you are not a fan of cooking with seafood. I’m incorporating seafood two nights out of the week for extra health benefits. If you can post some for the new year, that would be great. Is there a seafood cooking class as part of your curriculum at the culinary school? I remember you mentioning about sometimes getting out of your comfort zone. 😉

    Besides that, I enjoy cooking with your recipes. They have been hits at holiday potlucks.

  11. Hi Jackie ~ I love reading your blog! Please keep sharing your fabulous recipes, your natural chef journey, and your fun & busy family life. Pretty much what you’ve already been doing! 🙂 I’d love to win. Thank you, Laurie

  12. Popovers! #1 request – even tho’ mine often flop ;-> Love to see no-meat ideas plus making, repurposing or freezing leftovers.

  13. Happy New Year! I enjoy your posts very much. I prefer to cook lighter meals, so that is the only suggestion I am able to offer.

  14. Would love more family friendly meals! Have made the popover’s in a muffin tin, would love to have a real popover pan!

  15. oh yum….popovers!! I grew up with yorkshire pudding and popovers are my fave! This pan looks super awesome too. For the new year….I would love to see more make ahead/freezer recipes as well as easy meals in the slow cooker. 🙂 Thanks for your awesome blog….love all the inspiration. Happy New Year. Kelly

  16. My name is Tekisha and I love your blog. It made me interested in popovers. In the new year, I would love to see the nutritional information for your recipes.

  17. I love this! Super inspiring.
    If you want a challenge- trying to find recipes healthier in general (low in inflammatory foods like dairy or wheat). Bonus points for make ahead and breastfeeding friendly.

  18. I enjoy your easy and oh so yummy recipes. Some have become staples in my house. I would love to see more quick and healthy meals that are also kid approved. Also more smoothie or healthy drinks would be great.

  19. I loved the posts that you used to offer where you showed your menu plan for the week. Some nights, I feel so uninspired, and your healthy menu ideas were fantastic! Thank you for your wonderful blog; it is an inspiration to all working mums! All the best for 2016!

  20. I would love some kid approved family meals! I Have the PICKIEST boys and husband and would love to get more into their diet without them realizing it!

  21. Your popovers do look great – I have never made them before. As far as what to see in 2016 — I tend not to watch videos. The types of recipes I seem to search for are dinner ideas that are healthy and take under an hour. Happy new year!!

  22. Love your recipes! I even made the rosemary sea salt popovers to go with our Christmas dinner- they were a hit & have officially been added to the annual dinner!

  23. I would love to see more of your videos, hear more about your school experiences, and see more vegan recipes. I think that your blog is really great and you inspire me. Happy New Year! Good health and much joy.

  24. Happy NewYear! I’d love to see more recommendations on healthy, good for you cooking gadgets, tools, pans, etc.
    Love all your recipes and following your journey through cooking school as well!

  25. Veronica Ioselev

    Hi! Following you from NYC! Love your recipes, especially the kale salad ones! Also, learned to make steel oats from your insta! Really healthy and simple, thanks for all the tips. Would love to see more tutorials! Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  26. I love your blog! For 2016 I would love to see more recipes for homemade sauces or dressings. Like spaghetti, enchilada, or salsa. Excited about the pan!

  27. Hi! I follow you on insta and just got done reading about the contest. The pan looks amazing, i LOVE cast iron and make dutch babies all the time in my lodge pan. You had asked us to comment on what we would like this coming year on your blog, and i think you should add a couple more popover recipes. Also time saving tips and tricks. Your food is already wholesome and healthy and that’s why i follow you.

    Allison @a_j_k_7_8

  28. Happy New Year! I have made a lot of your recipes and we have enjoyed them all. I would like to continue to see 60 minute or less meals along with the useful tips you’ve been sharing from school. All the best to you and your family in 2016!

  29. My family LOVES your Rosemary Sea Salt Popovers!!! The Rosemary Skillet Chicken is also on our regular dinner rotation 😉
    I’d love more healthy green ideas – warm veggies, salads, ways to sneak greens into main courses… etc! We are great at proteins and carbs, but we could use some work adding more greens to our menu.

  30. I really enjoy all of the recipes and reading your blog! I used to like the weekly menus that you used to do. I’d love to see some new soup recipes as well as some crock pot/one pot meal recipes. And family recipes too.

  31. Love Love LOVE everything you bring to us!! You are such a fun, inspiring teacher & I always look forward to your next fun fact and recipe you share. More tutorials would be great!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  32. I love your blog…can’t tell you how many times I have made your favorite kale salad…even took it for Christmas pot luck. Made the one-pan Mexican quinoa wraps tonight for my vegan son and he LOVED them. Have been wanting to try the popovers but just haven’t yet….maybe I’m going to win this pan, haha. I always appreciate the more nutritious recipes but everything on your list sounds interesting. I’d say…just keep up the good work!

  33. i’d love to see more simple, healthy, weekday recipes. you’re so good at these! also, i love your videos, so more of those would be awesome! 🙂

  34. Love everything about your blog. Your recipes are some of my favorites. I’ve never made one of your popover recipes, but with that beautiful pan I would certainly give it a try. Yum! Keep doing what you’re doing. Happy New Year!

  35. Hi, Jacquelyn! Thank you for your great posts! There have been so many wonderful recipes to choose from. Since you’re asking, I would love to see more healthy recipes, especially ones naturally low in sugar. I don’t like artificial sweeteners & my husband is a Type ll Diabetic. Additionally, we are the daycare for our grandkids, ages six & four, & I love kid-friendly suggestions. Simple is also a key in our crazy, busy schedule. Thank you, again, for taking the time to post such helpful information.

  36. Chantal in Shreveport

    Healthy kid approved and family meals are what I’m looking for. Also snacks ( puffed quinoa bars…), and how to be efficient in the kitchen, educating us on simple home health recipes like your honey turmeric. Keep sharing what you are learning and make the world a healthier place.

  37. Cynthia Naudziunas

    I am a big fan of popovers too! Thanks for the chance to win the popover pan.
    I would like to see more vegetarian options on Marin Mama. Especially, ones that are high in protein.
    Happy New Year!

  38. Mary-Rita Williamson

    I am a long time vegetarian but I’m married to a meat lover! I love the healthy recipes that you offer that might appeal to both of us. Impossible, right? Healthy, tasty, and not too fussy. And I love your photos and easy to follow instructions! Oh, and the popovers were a huge hit– in my muffin pan. I can only imagine how great they would be in this fancy official popover pan!

  39. I’d love to see quick weeknight meals and maybe some easy and healthy recipes for the lunchbox! Love your blog. Keep up the good and yummy work!

  40. Jackie I’d love to see some meatless main dishes featuring eggs, legumes and greens. Being from the Midwest there’s nothing better than a casserole so I’d love your take on this staple! And extra points for anything in the crockpot!!!

  41. I recently discovered your blog & have loved the recipes I’ve tried. Would love to see more kid-approved meals & snacks/family meals- especially any vegetarian ideas. Would also love to know how you keep your Vitamix container so clean. Have already ordered the Whirlygig & can’t wait to make popcorn in it.
    I have an Eli too so love reading posts with his name! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy 2016.

  42. Hey Jackie,
    Love your blog! I’m a mom with two kids also and I enjoy reading what your kids like to eat. I hadn’t thought about roasting broccoli until I read your blog and found out that it’s kid approved! My kids love it!! More posts on what gadgets/tools you like to use in the kitchen would be great. Also, tips and tricks to make cooking/baking easier or faster would be great also. Thanks for your blog! I really enjoy reading it and learning from you. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  43. Katherine Caffrey

    Hi! I’ve love, loved your blog for several years now. Some of your “greatest hits” are regulars in our house now!

    I’d like to see more healthy meals (but man, your desserts are incredible…so don’t stop those!) and some ideas for meat. I’ve noticed the blog has more vegetarian entrees now, which is awesome…but sometimes I gotta serve some meat! Would love ideas for pork, beef, etc…especially stuff that can be done on a week day (aka fast!).

    Thanks for asking…and I love the blog!!

  44. I love your blog and have made several of your recipes with great success and applauds from my family. As we start the New Year, I’d love to see tips on how to interest kids on healthy lunches and snacks. Grab some go to healthy food that is more interesting than chopped carrots. Recipes for Quick, healthy breakfast would be awesome too! Keep blogging! Happy New Year!

  45. You are so sweet to do this! I would love more kid- approved recipes emailed out on a more frequent basis (I know you’re in school & busy!), it’s just that I love your recipes :-).

  46. I enjoy your blog and the way you share your life with all of us. Your recipes are inspiring. I love the style of your blog and look forward to more of your family favorite recipes!

  47. I love your blog! I’d like to see more tips and tricks for how to make recipes healthier. Thank you! Happy New Year!!

  48. Hi! I love all that share on your blog from tips that you give from your classes to healthy everyday eating and the tutorials. I’m wondering if you make any Indian or Thai food. I would love some recipes for that. Your popovers look so good. I’ve tried making them in a muffin tin but it’s just not the same.

  49. I love your blog. I just watched your video on popovers. They look amazing . I would like more videos…you are a STAR! I’d love a mixture of healthy with a sprinkle if decadence!

  50. It’s been years since I made popovers – I don’t know why I stopped and, like you, I made them often.

    I love soup recipes (and clicked over to see the one you posted a picture of) and one pot meals made with healthy ingredients, so more of those are always appreciated.

  51. For starters….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I discovered your blog a few years ago, and really enjoy your content and format…. especially the step by step photos and conversational descriptions- I feel like your in the kitchen cooking with me 😉 I have tried many of your recipes and- they have been thoroughly enjoyed by my family. In fact, a few dishes have made into weekly menu planning.

    I haven’t tried your popover recipe, but your post for the sweet popovers has me highly motivated 😉

    Love everything about what your already doing …..I would love to see some slow cooker recipes that I can prep in the morning and have a yummy and healthy meal ready for dinner.

  52. I love the blog, I would love to see more seafood. Like clam and oyster recipes. My favorite recipes are clam linguini and bacon wrapped oysters. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  53. Kathleen Phillips

    I had trouble getting the Website to come up the other day, so I sent Marin Mama and email. Today, I am finally on the blog and wanted to share my thoughts with the rest of the followers:
    “I have tried many of your recipes in all categories, and quite a few have become favorites in our house. We had popovers a lot when I was growing up, but I never had much success making them in a regular muffin pan. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a sale on Nordic Ware so I can finally make my popovers come out like yours! (One of my friends has a whole collection of their bake ware that she has found at thrift stores, but I haven’t convinced her to part with her popover pan….)

    Meanwhile, here is my wishlist for more good recipes from you:

    We eat a lot of greens in salads, and this time of year I like to fix some as a hot dish. We are still getting Swiss Chard and Kale from our garden and I’d like some new recipes to try for more variety of flavors and combinations with other dishes.
    I often have to make something ahead for a covered dish at church, and of course the quantities are larger for a crowd, so if you can give tips on ways to expand some of your recipes without sacrificing quality or making the prep time much longer, that would really help, too.
    I really like your time saving methods such as getting hot cereals started the night before; prepping kale ahead of time; making new meals out of leftovers; on and on…. Keep up the good work!

    I’m glad you are continuing this blog even with all your new responsibilities; I hope you will be able to manage everything while still taking care of yourself and enjoying your children as they keep growing up!

    Here’s wishing you and your family all the best in 2016!
    Kathleen Phillips”

  54. I LOVE your blog for the recipes and your simple honesty. I am a vegetarian so I naturally love anything vegetarian and also the kid approval! I’m interested in healthy and delicious kid approved week night meals. Thanks so much for letting us peek inside your kitchen and your beautiful family.

  55. I would love to see recipes for quick and healthy meals and meals that can be made ahead. i work long hours and don’t have a lot of time to cook Mon-Fri.

  56. Hi Jacquelyn! What a fun giveaway! I am all about quick and healthy dinners as I work full time but cooking a healthy (usually mostly plant-based) dinner for my husband and I when I get home is really important to me. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and your family, and looking forward to following your journey (and recipes) into 2016. All the best!

  57. Based on your recommendations, I’ve had the Nordic popover pan in my Amazon cart for *months!* I just haven’t bitten the bullet to spend the money. I love your blog, Jackie, and would love to keep seeing quick family-friendly recipes! My kids aren’t as food-adventurous as yours, but I’ll keep trying! 🙂

  58. I love your quick and healthy weeknight meals, especially the vegetarian ones. Lately though, I appreciate hearing what new cooking methods and healthy tips you are learning about, such as how to roast without aluminum foil, and the reason we should only eat organic raw almonds. Love your blog! Thanks!

  59. Hey Marin Mama! How do I not have a popover pan in my home!?

    I love your healthy, local blog with recipes my family loves!

    In 2016, I would love to have more healthy snack & lunch ideas, for myself and my kids. While I’m happy with granola and kale salad everyday, it gets boring for them. I like to meal prep on Sundays for the week. I especially love to run and reaching for the banana is nice, but it would be great to have recipes for protein packed energy snacks that will keep me going all week.

  60. I have way too many baking pans, but those sugar-crusted popovers make me want a popover pan so I can make them! It’s great that you have been posting on a regular basis and sharing both recipes and your experience in school. I would like to see healthy family recipes. I have a very picky two year old and have a long way to go on happy, healthy family dinners! Baby steps, though. Happy new year!

  61. Hi Jackie,
    Happy New Year! I would love to win the popover pan…how great of you to offer it as a giveaway! I would love to see more new recipes on your blog in 2016. I love everything I have made of yours. I love following your journey in food and life and love that you are a woman of action!!! We just got an Instant Pot pressure cooker so I am particularly interested in recipes for it. Ever used one?

  62. My wife loves to bake and always trying new things. This looks like yet another fun thing to try. Looking for healthier recipes this year.

  63. I would love to see some more meatless meals recipes and crockpot recipes (just got a new crockpot for Christmas!). Also always appreciate new tips and tricks in the kitchen. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  64. Hi Jackie!!

    I’ve just discovered your blog last week and have made numerous of your recipes! I’m hooked!!! You’re amazing!!! The food looks so great and isn’t that hard to prepare (I’m definitely no chef!!). I teach full time, my husband works full time and some side jobs as well and I have two kids. I feel like I never have enough time to make good meals that I feel happy about and that my kids like and will eat!! You’ve really inspired me and I appreciate that through and through!! I have to say I’ve never had a popover but they look delicious!!! Do you have to have a popover pan to make them?? My kids always want me to get donuts on the weekend and I hate getting doughnuts. This seems like it would be a nice sweet treat that we would all love! Thank you for being an inspiration and for following your dream!!! I’d be interested in more family friendly meals that don’t take a lot of time. I love knowing that my kids are eating healthy food that I made for them. Thank you again!!!


  65. Hi Jackie, Happy 2016! I would like to see family friendly recipes involving more fruits and vegetables in season. I love your recipes, especially the chocolate oatmeal cookies and kale salads! Your photos are gorgeous.

  66. Hi Jackie
    I recently found your site and it has such great looking recipes. Cant wait to try them. I love that they have been tested on children’s taste buds:) In the past year for health reasons I have become gluten free. I saw the gluten free brownies and I would love to see more gluten free items. Cant wait to try these recipes on my family. Happy New Year!!

  67. Hi, Happy New Year to your beautiful family:)
    I would like to see emphasis on the simple things. Don’t over complicate things with trendy “whatever” seeds or ingredients are in vogue at the moment and get back to the simple things that were here before all the nutrition was processed out of stuff. It seems like a tomato had so much more taste before Del Monte came into the picture. Now, we either have to plant our own or pay over $2.35 per can for an Italian brand in a can and hope somebody washed the pesticides from it before canning…
    Sorry for the soap box

  68. I have an insatiable sweet tooth so desserts are always on my mind. I took up distance running in order to offset the added caloric intake. When a race is near I usually cut out the sweets but afterwards its sometimes a free for all! I also like healthy treats but usually don’t mess with the recipe for my chocolate stout cake. I’ve never made popovers but they are certainly on my culinary bucket list, the sugar crusted version sounds awesome!

  69. In the New Year, I’d love to see you tackle the challenge of creating/sharing really healthy, simple recipes that are quick to make and do not contain processed ingredients. Time saving recipes that are practical for everyday meals is gold (i.e. 30 minutes from start to finish)! I read a lot of blogs, but only found a few healthy recipes that are truly practical in everyday life for two full-time working parents with children!

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