What I Ate Last Week – Week 2

What I ate last week

I’m back with week two of “what I ate last week.”  Aren’t you excited? Come on, I know some of you enjoyed seeing all the exciting things I showed you in last week’s post of “what I ate last week.” If you read last week’s post then you know that I eat the same thing for breakfast every day.  I am therefore not going to post breakfast again till I change it up a bit. Life was hectic this week so I honestly did not have the energy to create a new breakfast plan, but I thought about it though!



This was a great lunch to kick off the week. I love using whole-wheat naan bread as a base for mini pizzas. I topped this one with spinach, red onion and can you guess what the white stuff is? It’s not cheese, it’s an egg white. Pretty cool don’t you think?

Naan pizza


OK, you all know Monday nights (due to crazy schedules) are either sandwich or leftover night. Well, there were no leftovers to be eaten up, so it was sandwich night. Gosh, I’m now noticing that this was a pretty carb heavy day.  Did I mention that I love carbs? Probably not a great thing, but oh well, we all have our vices. I will post this sandwich recipe soon. I got the idea for this sandwich from Sol Food. It’s a sandwich that I always order so I decided to try making it at home. It’s ciabatta bread topped with cilantro lime mayo, roasted red peppers, arugula, mashed avocado and heirloom tomatoes. Need I say more? I paired this with some asparagus, of course.

Ciabatta panini


Sadly, there was no dessert.  Boo hoo 🙁



It’s Tuesday and you all know what that means, hot lunch at the kid’s school!  Burrito day! Yippee! All right enough with my cheerleading.  After the gym I came home and whipped up this strawberry smoothie.  It was super delish (my new favorite word) and easy to make. I added some flax seed to it, but was not super happy with that addition. Next time I will omit the flaxseed as it took away some of the smoothie’s sweetness.


I made up one of these burritos again at hot lunch!

Burrito on plate before it's rolled


So this is where I went downhill a bit. I went into hot lunch venting to all my peeps that I was exhausted and fooded out (not sure if that is a word, but lets go with it). I was sick of cooking and I was tired, like exhausted. They all comforted me and told me that I do more cooking than most people and that I needed to take a break!  I just love my lunch peeps!  I took their words to heart and called my hubby and politely asked him to bring home a pizza that night.  He happily obliged (I think he was even a bit excited). The kids were ecstatic, as they have not had take out pizza for some time.  Gee, it’s as though I was depriving them or something. Anyway, I really wanted something chocolaty for dessert so Eli and I drove on over to Susie Cakes after school and grabbed us some cupcakes. Mine was chocolate with butter cream frosting. Yum!  Oh, and I also paired the pizza with my favorite kale salad.

Pizza and kale salad



I felt much better today and I was way more energized. I had my Jackie spunk back! Taking a night off from cooking was just what the doctor ordered. I had some leftover kale salad so I mixed it up with red quinoa, a hard boiled egg, tofu and some black and garbanzo beans from the salad bar at Whole Foods.I did not add any additional dressing as it was not needed. I felt powerful and full of energy after this lunch!

Kale salad


Wednesday is the one night that we are all home for dinner so I tend to whip up something nice and healthy. I was craving salmon so I made my favorite salmon recipe and paired it with these amazing couscous cakes and spinach salad.  My kids loved the couscous cakes, but unfortunately not the salad. I steamed up some broccoli for them as I had a feeling they were not going to be fans of the salad. I put some cucumber and mint into my water and it was very refreshing.  This dinner was fit for a spa!

Salmon and salad with couscous cake


The kids had ice cream cones and I had a bite or two of fish food ice cream, but I didn’t get a photo of it, sorry!



Lunch was a repeat of last night’s dinner but without the salmon. I had some leftover couscous cakes and I whipped up a fresh batch of spinach salad. I also had some water but forgot to add that to the shot. Now lets talk dinner…

Spinach salad with couscous cakes


I caved tonight. I went to CPK!  Eli has been begging to go and my girlfriend’s kids have been begging to go, so we went. It’s funny because we took along Eli’s best bud and he was super excited to go to CPK as his parents never take him, hmmmm… wonder why? It was a fun night as the company and wine were great, but not so much the food. The lettuce on my salad did not look fresh and I could tell the dressing was from a big jar. The pizza crust was good though, so I focused on that and my glass of wine. Sometimes you have to go with the experience and not worry so much about the food, so that’s what I did!



I can’t believe this is the third night in a row that I did not participate in dessert. I must warn you that this is not normal Marin mama behavior. I love dessert as you will see in next week’s post.



TGIF! I loved lunch today because I got to share it with two of my best friends, Yvonne and Carey.  Sadly our other bestie was not able to join us. We missed you Hilly!  Anyway, Carey led us through an amazing yoga routine and then we headed over to Rustic Bakery. It’s my third time there this month and I think I’m ready for a change! I had their albacore tuna sandwich along with my new favorite beverage of choice, water with mint leaves. “So exciting!”

Tuna sandwich on plate

We are girls who love dessert so we grabbed 3 forks and dug into this amazing and decadent  peanut butter brownie. I am so going to replicate this, just you wait!  There was not a crumb in sight after we got to work on this. I am happy to report that we were part of the clean plate club.

Peanut butter brownie


Zoe had dance rehearsal tonight so we had an early dinner. I had tons of parsley and asparagus that I wanted to used up, so I whipped us up a parsley pesto pasta and added some roasted asparagus. This was a healthy and delicious way to end our hectic week.

Parsley pesto pasta with asparagus


Didn’t you see that I had my dessert at lunch?

So there you have it, week 2.
What did we learn this week?
We learned that I am a huge fan of carbs, (maybe I eat to many) and that I was lame about eating dessert.

With love Jackie
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10 thoughts on “What I Ate Last Week – Week 2”

    1. HI Mary. I eat way more greens now than I did a year ago. My diet has changed a lot this past year and my love for fresh vegetables as well. 10 years ago I was not a fan of veggies at all! I only ate frozen peas. Can you believe it?

  1. I do like this feature, Jackie. I wrote down what I ate everyday after you started publishing this. Then I slacked off, but I probably could reconstruct it. I look forward to your take on the peanut butter brownie — I’m bad, I know…

    1. I am so glad you like this feature Sharon as I really enjoyed pulling this post together. It is almost like writing a food/personal diary. This post is also way more flexible and fun to write than a recipe post. The photographs really helped me remember what I ate. I am to lazy to write things down and taking a picture is so much quicker. I wold love to see your post when you get it pulled together!

      I did not know you had such a sweet tooth. I love that!

  2. Hi Jackie, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple weeks now (found it through Em’s blog!), but I just wanted to comment letting you know I love reading these “what I ate” posts in addition to all your other posts. I’m a bit like you–I have a hard time giving up carbs and sweets. But like you I guess I try and balance it out, that’s the best we can do after all!

    1. Hi Amy! So glad you stopped by and commented. I love hearing what people enjoy or made on my blog. It really personalizes it for me. I see all my friends and they comment to me in person but I love hearing from people I don’t know or see in person, so thanks!

      I am so glad you like posts such as these. I really enjoy writing them as it feels like I’m truly writing a diary. I can’t wait to look back one day on these posts as it’s a record of my life. It’s also who I am and I am not hiding what I am eating or fudging any of it to make myself look healthier.

      I am glad to find a fellow carb and sweet lover. Some of us do function better on carbs, right?

  3. ARGH!! So I wrote this whole big long comment and instead of posting it deleted so I had to go emotionally half a homemade lemon poppyseed muffin (SO good!) and then come back. What I was trying to say before was..

    SO pleased to see Amy comment above mine. SHe’s one of my faves :). Her blog is totally adorable and she has this awesome recipe for KALE and quinoa quiche that is totally amazing.

    And you know I love these posts. Plus any week with that much pizza is a good thing in my taste (if not nutritional) book. :). OOh and that brownie looks insane. Guess what? Yesterday was cake day at school and one group made thsi vegan dark chocolate cake with Peanut Butter frosting that was out of this world. I cant wait to re-create it! I also made this 7 minute caramel sea salt frosting that was pretty dam* amazing, if I do say so myself. My vegan maple vanilla cake was also pretty exceptional. :).

    Thank you also for your super sweet comment on my last post. I just really needed a breather what with mid terms and Louis last few weeks (SOB!) and also some family stuff. Not to mention trialling some recipes before I post. Speaking of which – I actually have to go tend to some asparagus soup. BUT Im so sorry Ive been so late with your reply email… writing back tonight and lets really hope we can do this workshop in June – would be soooo fun!

    Love always and hope you have a great evening (with dessert!!) Em xoxo

    1. Hi Em! I hate when that happens! It usually happens to me when I am leaving a voice mail for someone and it’s always when I am leaving an extra enthused one. When I leave a second message it just never has the same intensity.

      I had a chance to quickly view Amy’s site and I can’t wait to check out more of her recipes. I definitely have to check out her kale and quinoa quiche! Sounds delightful and uber healthy.

      I am glad you love these posts as you were the one who inspired me 🙂 These type of posts are so much fun to write and I love the fact that I will look back one day and be able to see this daily diary of my life. So fun!

      I am so glad you are taking a blogging vacation. You so need it and Louis needs his mate to explore California with. Please let me know when you head over to Marin as I would love to see you both! Those recipes that you made in school sound so amazing. Can you shoot me over the recipe? I really need a good peanut butter frosting and I’m sure the one you made at school is super healthy and made with the natural stuff.



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