grilled bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes
The below recipe is for ½ loaf, which is perfect as a side dish for 4-6 people or lunch for two people - If you're serving a larger crowd and want to use the whole loaf of bread, then just double the quantities below.
  • ½ of a large, long rustic Italian loaf, such as ciabatta - you can really use any type of loaf bread here
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled and cut in half
  • 2-3 heirloom tomatoes
  • ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil - I didn't measure my olive oil as I just drizzled some on from the bottle
  • 5-6 fresh basil leaves, sliced into thin strips
  • coarse sea salt to taste
  • optional - splash of balsamic vinegar to top
  1. Let's start by prepping the ingredients. Wash and thinly slice up your tomatoes, peel and cut your garlic clove in half, take your basil leaves, roll them up together and then slice them into thin strips. Take your loaf of bread and slice it horizontally to create 2 long halves. I always use the bottom half for my bread because it's flat, but if you need to use the top half, then you will want to trim off a bit from the top of the loaf to make it a bit flatter.
  2. Pre-heat your grill to high heat.
  3. Grill the bread 1 to 2 minutes on each side until moderately charred or browned to your liking. If you don't feel like firing up the grill, you can always try toasting the bread under your broiler. I haven't tried this, but I'm sure it works just the same.
  4. Take the cut side of each garlic half and rub it along the top and bottom of your bread. The grilled bread sort of acts like a grater and grates the clove. Make sure to rub the garlic along the top edges of the bread as well.
  5. Pour any accumulated juices from your sliced tomatoes over the top of the bread.
  6. Drizzle half of the ¼ cup of olive oil over the bread, and use a brush if desired to get the olive oil into all of those nooks and crannies. Feel free to add a pinch of sea salt as well.
  7. The bread is now ready for the sliced tomatoes.
  8. Arrange the tomatoes by color making sure to cover the entire surface of the bread.
  9. Drizzle the remaining olive oil over the tomatoes, sprinkle on the sliced basil and season with the coarse sea salt.
  10. Cut the tomato bread into slices and top each slice with some balsamic vinegar if desired. The bread tastes perfectly without the balsamic, but I thought I would give you the option incase you're a fan of balsamic vinegar.
  11. Seriously, this bread is super tasty and super easy to prepare. It's a great bread to serve up for dinner or lunch, just pair it with a nice kale salad and you have yourself an easy no fuss dinner.
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