Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for March 24th

Marin Mama's weekly dinner menu - March 24th

You’re all probably on the edge of your seats wondering how those veggie burgers that I made last week turned out, right?  Well, I hate to say it, but they were not good at all (insert sad face). In fact, I didn’t even serve them up to the family. I was frazzled at dinner time because I had planned on serving them up that night, but luckily I had the all the ingredients on hand for the chicken quesadillas that I was going to serve on Tuesday, so I served that up to the family instead. To be honest, I think the kids were happier with the dinner switch. I just love it when I have a well stocked fridge or pantry with quick and healthy options to choose from.

So, I just got back from a great lunch with a new blogger friend, Laura. Laura lives in the Bay Area and had been following my blog for a while and just recently started a blog of her own. She emailed me about a month back to let me know about her about her new blog. I emailed her back and suggested we get together for lunch to meet and talk about blogging. I really love meeting fellow bloggers because I love talking about food, blogs and all that fun stuff.  It’s so fun to meet someone with a similar passion. Laura just started her blog less than a month ago, so she’s still working on all the kinks and such.  She has some great recipes already on there (I so want to make her cauliflower enchiladas).  She’s into healthy living and healthy eating.  Check our her blog, it’s called Lemons to Lemongrass.

Eli had his baseball opening day parade and game this weekend.  All of the town’s baseball and softball teams each decorate a truck for their team with banners, balloons and streamers. Then they all get to sit in the back as the trucks parade down main street.  It’s so much fun because you really know all the kids in the parade, and they’re just so excited, and the parents and the town is so excited. It’s really a happy day for everyone! Anyway, I didn’t get a good shot of Eli and his team in the truck, (they were way to rowdy and wouldn’t settle down for a photo) but I got a good shot of him and his two buddies after the parade. Yes, their team is the Giants, perfect team for a bunch of SF boys. Let me just tell you that this is the cleanest you will ever see Eli’s baseball pants.  He had his first game yesterday and those pants were totally brown after. You see, Eli likes to slide into each and every base. Boys will be boys, I guess.

Eli with baseball friends

Ok, let’s move onto this week’s dinner menu!

Sunday night dinner

Turkey burgers with cilantro lime mayonnaise and kale slaw and roasted asparagus. These turkey burgers are a bit different than our favorite turkey burgers, but they’re so good!  I love them topped with the kale slaw and the cilantro-lime mayo. I mean what’s not to love about this combination of ingredients. BTW, it’s asparagus season now, so you’re going to see lot’s of asparagus on our weekly menus.

Turkey burger


Monday night dinner

Paul McCartney’s re-fried bean tacos and kid friendly caesar. I love how simple this dinner is to throw together. It literally takes my 30 minutes from start to finish.  I always make the caesar dressing up ahead of time and the lettuce is already washed and ready to go, so all I’m really doing is chopping a few tomatoes, an onion and heating it all up.  This is one of my go-to easy week-night meals.

Paul McCartney's refried bean tacos

Kid Friendly caesar salad

Tuesday night dinner

Egg salad sandwiches and lacinato kale salad.  This is another easy dinner for those crazy nights.  As you know, Tuesday is our manic night where everyone eats at different times, so I’m making a dinner that can be individually served up on the fly. Everything can be made ahead and thrown together on a plate in minutes.

Egg salad sandwith

Kale Salad

Wednesday night dinner

Buttermilk roasted chicken, roasted fingerling potatoes and kid friendly caesar salad.  We love this chicken recipe because it’s super easy!  You marinate the chicken the night before or the morning of, and then when it’s dinner time, you just throw it in the oven for 25-30 minutes. Super easy and super tasty.  I will post the recipe on Wednesday.

Roasted chicken

fingerling potatoes

Kid Friendly caesar salad

Thursday night dinner

Broccoli lemon pasta.  I love this dinner! It’s a one-bowl, family approved dinner that I can literally make with my eyes closed (not really, but you know what I’m trying to say).

Broccoli lemon pasta

Friday night dinner

You all know the drill!  TGIF, Marin mama’s night off!

Stay tuned Wednesday, as I will be posting this recipe for buttermilk roasted chicken.

Roasted chicken

Happy Sunday!

With love Jackie
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11 thoughts on “Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for March 24th”

    1. Hey Laura! I had a great time as well. Let’s do it soon and meet up at Table Cafe. I still owe you that email with all the stuff we talked about. 🙂

  1. Sorry your burgers didn’t turn out so well – you are so right about a well stocked pantry – a Godsend! The weeks meals look wonderful as always – I’m loving the look of the chicken!
    Mary x

  2. Thanks for being HONEST that the burgers were just meh. And glad you have a new friend to meet up with – so helpful, wonderful, and much needed as women, moms, bloggers. What a gift! Love the pic of Eli and his teammates 🙂

  3. Good morning! Darn about the burgers! As much as you cook and experiment with recipes, I suppose there’s bound to be a few that aren’t good, but it’s such a let down! The buttermilk chicken recipe sure looks good though, can’t wait to see that recipe. The ice cream sandwiches caught my eye too. Did you make those? Yum!
    How lucky for Laura that you live close enough to meet up! That must have been so fun! I will have to check out her blog. 🙂
    Okay, the baseball pic is so sweet and brings back such great memories! We were a big time baseball family from little league to select baseball until Jake was 16. It was such a big part of our lives! I remember the white pants never staying clean too. You’re right, boys will be boys! Sweet. 🙂
    After that freak snowfall on Friday, it has been sunny here, even if a little cold, but I got lots of yard work done and we even built a pergola for my out-of-control climbing rose. It was so nice to be outside all weekend! Alright girl, hope you have a good week. I’ll talk to you soon. xoxo, Sharon

    1. Hey Sharon! I love your dresser post BTW. I think I’m going to link it up in my next weekly menu post. It’s just that good! Yes, I made those chocolate nub cookies, but I made them last spring. The cookies were ok, so I never posted the recipe. I only like to post sweets that I LOVE, and those we didn’t love so much. They made great ice-cream sandwiches and they made for a great photo, so it wasn’t a total flop!
      I can only imagine the memories that Eli’s baseball pics bring up of Jake. Eli is home with me today and we ran some errands and went out to lunch and I told him that I hope he never gets to old to just hang and run errands with me, because he is truly my buddy and such a joy to be around. The simplest things make him happy. We’re only really starting with the sports circuit now, and I can’t wait to watch Eli find the sport that he clicks and loves.
      Glad you got to get outside and get some things done. It’s cooling off here this week as well. No more 70 degree temps for a couple of weeks 🙁 Have a great day girl! xoxo, Jackie

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Love that photo of Eli and his pals…How perfect that they are the Giants! I know what you mean about those baseball pants….they are dirty and usually have holes from all that sliding.
    Your photos are so amazing! Everything looks so healthy and fresh! I’ll be checking back for your buttermilk chicken recipe. I make at least one or two things every week from your posts!

    1. I’m sure you have lots of torn or ripped up pants from your son, since he is a baseball star 🙂
      I’m so glad to hear that you are making some recipes weekly from the blog, that always makes my day to hear things like that Annie 🙂

  5. oh boo:) the veggie burgers weren’t good! That is a crying shame and one that I wish I was there to help with. Wouldnt it be fun to cook in the kitchen together and create and recreate dishes? One can daydream right? Regardless of the burgers- I am dying to have those ice cream sandwiches- did you make them? I need that recipe

    1. Boo hoo is right, but I got over it quickly 🙂 Yes, I would totally love to be cooking buddies. We would have so much fun and be total geeks in the kitchen! Maybe someday? We do have to meet up one of these days girl. Seriously! I did make the ice-cream sandwiches, and those particular ones had cocoa nibs in them and the kids were not huge fans. I made another batch this week that were great, but I don’t know if it’s blog worthy enough. I will email you the recipe if you want! Let me know! xoxo, Jackie

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