Marin Mama’s Weekly Dinner Menu for September 9th

Marin Mama's weekly diner menu - September 9th

See that tofu and chickpea dish in the above photo?  It looks great, right?  Well, it wasn’t, it was truly a dish fit for the compost. I went to Cafe Gratitude on Friday to say goodbye to my friend Em, as she is heading back to London.  We had a great lunch and we talked about food, blogging and photography, basically all the things that food bloggers like to chat about.  Anyway, I had the best lunch ever.  I was so inspired by my lunch that I came home and immediately cooked up this warm tofu, chickpea and kale dish for dinner. I was so disappointed when I took my first bite.  It just didn’t gel and the flavors were off.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  I think it was the universe’s way of telling me to take a night off from the kitchen.

I want you to know that as I write this post I’m eating the biggest piece of chocolate cake ever from Susie Cakes. When they give you a cake slice, they literally give you a ¼ of the cake.  It’s definitely a two or three nighter piece. It’s taking all my will power to put the fork down and close the lid.

This weekly menu is just for Monday through Friday, as John is cooking up dinner tonight and surprising me.  I basically have the day off, yaay!  If you want to take a look at the past two week’s menus, click on the photo link on my sidebar and it will take you directly to them.  Enjoy!


Heirloom tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Heirloom tomato soup and gilled cheese


Paul McCartney’s refried bean tacos, nachos and some sort of salad (not sure yet).

Paul McCartney's refried bean taco


Turkey Burgers with cilantro-lime mayonnaise and kale slaw and roasted cauliflower.

Turkey burger

Roasted cauliflower


Leftover night.  Paul McCartney’s refried bean tacos or make your own sandwich, and fresh cut red pepper, cucumber and carrots.

Paul McCartney's refried bean tacos


Family pizza night.  Sausage and arugula skillet pizza, and kale salad

Skillet pizza

Kale Salad

Stay tuned for Tuesday as I have an easy and family approved recipe, spaghetti with cheesy heirloom tomatoes. It’s so good and super easy to whip up.

Spaghetti with cheesy broiled tomatoes and basil

With love Jackie
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