3 Awesome Turkey Burger Recipes

3 awesome turkey burger recipes.

Labor Day is just around the corner, so I thought I would share my 3 favorite turkey burger recipes with you all, as I’m sure a lot of you will be firing up the grill for Labor Day. Turkey burgers are a great alternative to beef burgers, and these turkey burgers are not your typical hockey pucks, they are chock-full of flavor, and chances are you’ll probably love them so much that you will add them to your burger rotation menu. 

Favorite turkey burger.

These turkey burgers are one of my popular recipes, besides my lacinato kale salad. Most of the people that have been following me from the beginning have made these burgers. These burgers are one of my kid’s all time favorite burgers (they like them better than regular burgers). They were my gate-way turkey burger, and the first turkey burger that had actually had some flavor and wasn’t a hockey puck. Put them in-between a toasted English muffin and then top them with some cilantro lime mayonnaise and a bit of kale salad, an heirloom tomato and you have yourself a winner winner turkey burger.  

Marin Mama's favorite turkey burger

Turkey burgers with spinach and feta.

These turkey burgers are chock full of flavor and cook up perfectly moist and delicious. The feta adds an amazing salty flavor and the red pepper flakes give it a kick. If you have a dairy issue, you might be ok with these burgers, as feta is made from sheep and goat milk, so it’s a cheese I can tolerate. This is seriously a $20 burger. 

Turkey burgers with spinach and feta.

Turkey burgers with sun-dried tomatoes basil and feta.

I love the combination of sun-dried tomatoes, feta and basil on a salad or pasta, so why not in a burger? I honestly think these turkey burgers might just be my new favorite turkey burger, or burger in general. It’s actually a toss up between these and my turkey burgers with spinach and feta, but you can’t go wrong with either of them. These burgers are chock-full of flavor from the sun-dried tomatoes and fresh oregano and basil. 

Turkey burgers with sun-dried tomatoes basil and feta.

I love pairing any of these burgers with a big summer herb salad.

Summer greens herb salad with basil vinaigrette.

As well as these easy oven roasted potatoes. 

Easy ovenroasted potatoes in a skillet

If you need a dairy-free, gluten free burger, then try my rosemary Rosemary and Thyme Turkey Burgers.

Rosemary and thyme turkey burgers.

Which of these turkey burgers are your favorite?  

With love Jackie

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