Vegan Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding

Vegan vanilla coconut chia pudding.

This vegan vanilla coconut chia pudding is basically a “grab-an-go” breakfast which is perfect for those busy mornings!  It’s ULTRA EASY to make, and is ready to go in the morning!  All you have to do in the morning is open your refrigerator, grab the pudding, warm it up, add a few favorite ingredients, and dig in!  You can also let it set, and then keep it out overnight, so it’s the perfect temp and consistency for eating in the am. I even have a video of how to make it below, so check it out!

I feel alive after eating this breakfast and don’t feel weighed down in the least. I also have great energy for my workouts.

Facts about chia seeds.

  • They’re an excellent source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • They’re high in fiber and contain more protein than most plant foods.
  • They also contain more calcium than milk. Say what!?

I typically add my favorite ingredients (smashed raspberries, unsweetened coconut, raw cacao wafters) to the chia pudding right before I’m going to eat it, but if you want to have it as a grab-and-go, then you can add everything to the thickened chia before you put in the fridge. This chia pudding also tastes great at room temperature, and you don’t have to worry about it as there isn’t any dairy.

I also love warming it up for 30 seconds or so in the microwave and then pouring it into a bowl and topping it with Soco traditional Tahini, use code mmcooks15 to save 15%, frozen berry chia compote and some bee pollen with a splash of lime. It’s SO GOOD!

Vegan vanilla and coconut chia pudding.

I just posted the recipe for my vegan coconut cacao chia pudding yesterday, so wanted to post this one as well. I always make 2 of these vanilla ones for breakfast and one of the cacao ones for a mid-day snack.

Vegan coconut cacao chia pudding.

Love easy overnight jarred breakfasts? Then try my overnight refrigerator steel cut oats with strawberries and chia.

overnight refrigerator steel cut oats with chia and strawberries

I also have another amazing overnight oats that takes 3 minutes to toss together. GF overnight oats with hemp and chia.

GF overnight oats with hemp and chia.Don’t feel like oats?  Then try my overnight refrigerator buckwheat groats. 

Overnight refrigerator buckwheat groats.

With love Jackie

Vegan Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding

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Recipe by Jackie



    Note: one can of coconut milk can make 3 chia puddings, so I usually make up 3 of these at a time.


    • 1/2 cup unsweetened canned coconut milk – I love Native Forest Simple, as it has no guar or gums and comes in BPA free cans – make sure to shake the can, and get the one where you can hear the milk swishing around, as it will be easier to work with.

    • 2 tablespoons chia seeds

    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract I love this vanilla from Morton and Bassett, as it doesn’t have added sugar

    • Pinch pink Himalayan sea salt

    • Optional – add some protein and collagen by adding 1 scoop unflavored protein/collagen powder – I love @paleovalley grass fed bone broth protein, as it’s not chalky and doesn’t change the flavor – use code – marinmamacooks15 

    • Toppings:
    • Smashed raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, sliced banana, frozen berry chia compote 

    • Unsweetened coconut 

    • I love these raw cacao wafters from Imlakesh- They add a nice crunch to the chia pudding when it’s at room temp, or melt into the chia pudding when it’s served warm. I also put these in my oatmeal and they melt like chocolate, but they are 100% pure cacao and contain no sugar. Imlakesh will have the cacao wafers back on their site in November, but in the meantime check out their site for more organic super foods and use code marinmama10 to save 10% off your order

    • Gluten-free granola

    • Maple syrup or Manuka honey, if you need it sweeter

    • Smooth tahini - I love Soco traditional Tahini, or date tahini as it's smooth and creamy, not chunky - use code mmcooks15 to save 15%


    • In a jar with a lid, add the coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla, raw cacao, and pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt. I love my ball jars, but I also love recycling other jars and using them.

    • Using a whisk give mixture a good stir to incorporate everything. Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes, give it another stir with a whisk to make sure everything is mixed together, and there are no chia clumps.

    • Let chia pudding rest for 10 minutes at room temp until it thickens to a pudding consistency if you want to enjoy it now, or refrigerate it overnight.

    • This pudding is best served at room temp or warm, so if refrigerating, heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds, or you can just take it out of the fridge after it sets the night before and it will be the perfect consistency in the morning. 

    • I always pour my chia pudding into a bowl if I'm eating it at home and then put all of my toppings on it. Feel free to top this chia pudding with the above suggested toppings, or anything else that inspires you.

      I also love warming it up for 30 seconds or so in the microwave and then pouring it into a bowl and topping it with Soco traditional Tahini, use code mmcooks15 to save 15%, frozen berry chia compote and some bee pollen with a splash of lime. It's SO GOOD! See my photo in the above post. 

    • This chia pudding will last 4-5 days. 

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